Add depth to a panel quilt using this technique for making quilt borders

Yesterday I showed you how to use the Northcott Canyon Cliffs panel along with Sandscapes fabrics to make a quick quilt.

Today I’ll show you a variation of that border design using the Pumpkins for Sale panel from Northcott. This panel and its co-ordinating fabrics will be in your favorite quilt shops in July 2017.

Pumpkins for Sale panel with a pieced Sandscapes border

I wanted the panel to be 21½” x 41½”. I drew chalk lines on the panel before cutting so I would make sure the edges would be straight and the size was correct. Check out my tips on yesterday’s QUILTsocial post for cutting panels.

Make sure you cut the panel carefully so it measures 21½” x 41½”.

Draw chalk lines on the panel to mark the cutting lines.

Here are the instructions for the borders so you can make your own version of this fun fall quilt.


From brown Sandscapes cut 2 – 1″ x 22½” and 2 – 1″ x 41½” for the inner border.

Sew a 41½” strip to each side. Press seam toward the strip. Sew a 22½” strip to the top and bottom. Press seam toward the strip.

I used 4 blue, 5 yellow/orange and 1 green Sandscapes fabrics for the outer border, but I encourage you to choose your own color scheme if you wish.

From darkest blue cut 3 – 2½” x 38½” and 4 – 2½” x 8½”.

From each of the remaining 3 blue fabrics cut 4 – 2½” x 8½”.

From the darkest orange cut  6 – 2½” x 8½”.

From the remaining 4 yellow/orange fabrics cut 4 – 2½” x 8½”.

From dark green cut 3 – 2½” x 38½” and 4 – 2½” x 8½”.

2½” x 8½” strips for the outer side borders

Sew 3 – 2½” x 38½” dark blue strips together to make the top border. Press seams in one direction.

Sew 3 – dark green 2½” x 38½” dark green strips together to make the bottom border. Press seams in one direction.

Following the color arrangement in the picture below, sew 21 of the 8½” strips together to make each side border. Press seams in one direction. The colors are arranged the same in each side border.

Sew a side border to each side.

Sew on the blue top border and the green bottom border.

Pumpkins for Sale panel quilt with Sandscapes side borders

Top and bottom Sandscapes borders have been added

Now you’re ready to quilt and then bind your quilt.

To make a ½” finished-size binding, cut 5 – 3″ x WOF brown Sandscapes strips. Check out my hints for sewing on the binding here.

And here’s the finished quilt! I love the way the Northcott Sandscapes fabric, with its hint of metallic accents, gives such texture and interest to this simple border.

Pumpkins for Sale panel with a pieced Sandscapes border

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you some quilts made by other Northcott designers using the Mountain Peak and Canyon Cliffs panels along with fabrics from the Sandscapes collection.

This is part 4 of 5 in this series.
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Cyndy Nafziger November 29, 2020 - 7:11 pm
I see what to cut off the fabrics, but could you include more specifics on putting the quilt together please? Thank you.
Michele Timms March 6, 2018 - 5:52 pm
I love this idea for a panel!!! Looks amazing!
Jean Boyd March 7, 2018 - 8:24 am
Thanks Michele. Glad you liked it.
Annie November 8, 2017 - 4:08 pm
I absolutely love the graduation of colors in the border. Are you willing to share the specific color numbers of the sandscape fabrics you used in the "Pumpkins for Sale" quilt? I'm going to have to order fabrics online as Northcott's sandscape fabrics are very limited in local availability here. Thanks! Annie
Jean Boyd November 9, 2017 - 8:25 am
Hi Annie. Here is a link to the Northcott site where you can get specific numbers for the Sandscapes fabrics. Click here There is also a "product finder" button that will tell you which stores in your area have these fabrics. Hope this information helps.
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