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Adding circles to the flannel lap quilt using an easy applique technique

Adding circles to the flannel lap quilt using an easy applique technique

by Jackie White

Yesterday we created this gorgeous chevron flannel quilt top. Today we’re going to use the remaining flannels to make some fun circles and go a bit crazy on our quilt! Disclaimer: I love love love circles! If I can find a way to use them on a quilt, I’m going to! This technique is probably the fastest applique method ever and because the Northcott flannel is so great, the surprise after we wash it is amazing!

Flannel lap quilt hanging on ladder of barn.

Finished flannel chevron lap quilt with flannel circles

I use my Truecut 360 Circle Cutter to cut all my different sized circles! It’s a dream to work with and so much fun! If you don’t have one yet, gather up your margarine containers, dinner plates and your favorite coffee cup and use those for circle templates.

Cut out a selection of circles from the different fabrics making sure to use all the different sizes of containers!

Truecut 360 circle cutter with circles of flannel and a strip in which they were cut from.

Cut out flannel circles using the Truecut 360 circle cutter.

For interest, I chose to make the circles look a little offbeat, I trimmed, slightly, the edges of the perfect circles. You can choose to trim them or not depending on whether you like the offbeat or quirky look for your circles.

Now comes the super fun part! Layer the circles in 2 or 3 contrasting sizes and colors and pin onto your quilt top in different places.

Flannel circles of various sizes stacked on top of each other on a desk.

Circles stacked ready to be stitched to quilt top.

Using free motion, stitch the circles down by sewing around the outer edge of each one approximately ½” in from the edge. Go around a couple of times. This will not only give it strength but a carefree look to the circles. Attach all the circles down.

Layered colored flannel circles stitched onto a flannel quilt top.

Free motion quilt the circles onto the chevron quilt top.

You have just created a gorgeous chevron quilt top with appliquéd circles and barely even broke a sweat!  And doesn’t it look simply stunning?

Sandwich the quilt with backing and batting and quilt and bind.  When quilting, keep a simple pattern.  There will be some bulk in the seams.  I did a simple meandering stitch everywhere.

Normally when I do binding I machine stitch it down and then hand stitch the second step.  But because I want this to really last and be rugged, I machine stitched the binding onto the back of the quilt and brought it over and did a decorative stitch securing it to the top.

Do you know what comes next? The exciting and this always makes me breathe a little faster! We’re going to put our finished quilt in the wash and then the dryer. This is going to make those fun circles we put on get that soft frayed look. I did a cool wash and a hot dryer.

Flannel lap quilt hanging off an old barn.

Finished chevron lap quilt with appliqued circles

Isn’t that beautiful! This is going to make a very warm and striking gift for a special niece of mine. Take a look at how sweet those circles turned out!

Join me tomorrow as we make another quick project perfect for the wintry season, a quilted snowman runner.

Flannel flowers stitched onto a quilt then washed so they fray.

Flannel flowers stitched and then quilt washed to create a frayed effect.

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