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Batik boho fun: making a quilted cushion cover


Time to savor spring and all the beauty that is blooming! One of my favorite places to enjoy watching and listening to nature come alive again is on my front porch drinking coffee. Since it’s still a little too chilly to do that comfortably where I live, I thought creating a new quilted cushion cover to use indoors would help put me in a fresh state of mind to get ready for outside living.


Batik boho inspired quilted cushion cover
Batik boho inspired quilted cushion cover


The beautiful Banyan Batik iKat Sketch line also arrives in local quilt shops this Spring! The fabrics are a breath of fresh air; prints and patterns and colors that bring a fresh outlook on life. The quilted cushion cover will fit a 20″ cushion. I chose batiks that blend together for a relaxed, boho inspired look. The design would work well with more contrast too.



5 fat quarters for cushion front:

from the iKat Sketch line

  • 80084-28
  • 80084-64
  • 80084-22

from the Shibori line

  • 81100-44

from the Ketan line

  • 81000-371 Sunset Ray

1 fat quarter for back top panel:

  • 80081-38 from the iKat Sketch line

Note: The back bottom panel will be made from leftover fat quarters used on front – see cutting instructions.

22″ square of batting
22″ square of material for quilted cushion front backing


thread that contrasts with front fat quarter fabrics


Fabric requirements for batik quilted cushion cover
Fabric requirements for batik quilted cushion cover


Cutting Instructions

Fabric A (iKat Sketch 80084-28)
5 – 4½” squares
1 – 7½”x 20½” for back cushion panel

Fabric B (iKat Sketch 80084-64)

2 – 5¼” squares
4 – 2⅞” squares
8 – 2½” squares

Fabric C (Sunset Ray 371)
2 – 5″ squares
8 – 2⅞” squares
4 – 2½” squares

Fabric D (Shibori 81100-44)
2 – 5″ squares
4 – 2½” x 4½” rectangles
4 – 2½” squares

Fabric E (iKat Sketch 80084-22)
1 – 5¼” square
8 – 2½” x 6½” rectangles
16 – 2½” squares

Draw a diagonal line on the back of all 2½” and 2⅞” squares EXCEPT the Fabric E squares.


Close up of batik quilted cushion cover.
Close up of batik quilted cushion cover.


Collect your fabrics and cut them to size. The Banyan Batiks will start to get pieced back together in the next post.


This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

Go to part 2: 3 quilt blocks that highlight Banyan Batik prints

I love to play with color and *quilts* are my playground! A self-taught quilter, I've been designing quilts for almost 20 years. I'm inspired by happy fabrics, selvages, traditional blocks and nature. I'm also a wife, mother, and elementary school teacher, and enjoy drinking coffee on my front porch in northern Ontario.


  1. June Turpin

    Lovely! I have just discovered your blog and I am really enjoying it!

    • Thanks June! So glad you found the blog – lots of tutorials, sewing machine reviews and giveaways to be found here too. Welcome 🙂

  2. Brenda Hulsey

    Beautiful fabrics and pattern for the pillow!

  3. Jessica Matheson

    I have to try this 🙂

    • Awesome Jessica! Enjoy! Hope you have some batiks to use 🙂 Share over on instagram @quiltsocial too!

    • Thank you for the kind compliment! Enjoy creating and feel free to share on instagram @quiltsocial .

  4. This is gorgeous!

    • Thanks Anita! I hope you’ll join me and make one this week too 😉

  5. Mona A Phelps

    Great pattern!

  6. Allison Evrard

    Such a lovely pillow! The colors are beautiful!

    • Thanks Allison! It’s easy to create something pretty with these batiks 🙂

  7. April Martin

    I love batiks

    • That’s good news, April! Lots of lovely Banyan batiks here at lately:) Be sure to check out the fabric giveaway post!

  8. Christie

    Your fabrics are gorgeous. Batiks are my favorite go to fabrics for my quilts. Keep them coming!!

    • Thanks Christie! The Banyan Batiks are gorgeous. Make sure you comment on the batik fabric giveaway post too 😉

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