Binding a denim quilt with strips from old jeans: It takes pant legs!

This week, like all others, was great working with familiar products and new tools and notions. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’d say it was the Gütermann Denim Love Nostalgia Box filled with 12 shades of denim thread. Yesterday, I showed you how to baste a quilt using safety pins, and how quilting with parallel line stitches makes things interesting. Today, we’re binding the quilt.

Gütermann Denim Love Nostalgia Box Denim Thread 100m 12 Shades

To make the binding for the quilt, I need 2½” strips. I can get these strips from leftover denim from the pant legs I cut earlier this week, or from another pair of old jeans. The length of the strip depends on the length of the pant leg. Looking at what I have, it looks like the average length is 25”. With the quilt measuring 56” x 70”, I calculated 10 or 11 strips should be enough.

Take a pant leg and lay it flat, and square off two sides with the Omnigrip 812″ x 24″ ruler.

Square off two edges of a pant leg.

With two edges of the pant leg squared off, make a 5” wide strip using the full length of the pant leg.

Make a 5” wide strip.

From the 5” wide strip cut two 2½” strips.

On both edges of the strips make a 45o line.

Make a 45o line on each end of the strips.

Using the 45o lines at the end of the strips as a guide, sew all strips together as shown in the following photo.

Sew on the 45° line.

Once all seams are completed, trim ¼” away from the seam.

Trim ¼” away from the seam.

Press seams open using an Oliso Pro TG1600 Pro Plus Smart Iron.

Press seams open.

Fold the binding lengthwise, and wrong side together and press the full length.

Press binding wrong sides together.

Sew the binding on the back of the quilt.

Sew binding on the back of the quilt.

To reduce bulk in the corners, snip off the corners of the quilt.

Snip corners off the quilt.

Fold the binding over the edge of the quilt and use UNIQUE Quilting Small Clever Clips to hold the binding in place.

UNIQUE quilting Clever Clips hold the binding in place.

From the top of the quilt, sew down the binding using thread from the Gütermann Denim Love Nostalgia Box.

Sew binding.

The denim quilt is completed.

Completed quilt

So many great notions were used this week. Using the OLFA 60mm Deluxe Ergonomic Handle Rotary Cutter to cut through multiple layers of jeans was the best tool to do the job. Decorating the quilt with threads from the Gütermann Denim Love Nostalgia Box was a fun adventure. Now I’m looking forward to starting another project using old jeans.

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