PFAFF creative 4.5

Sewing the Snowball Block – Part 2

Welcome back to the What’s Good for the Gal is Good for the Guy quilt challenge. Yesterday, my plan was to sew the snowball block together, but I just had to share a few other features with you about the Pfaff Creative 4.5. As well as, make templates to create…

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Sewing the Snowball Block

I’m all set to start sewing the snowball block today. This is block number one of three which I used in the designing of the What’s Good For The Gal is Good for the Guy challenge quilt. The snowball block is a common quilt block and there’s a very straightforward piecing…

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Quilting Challenges

Over the next 2 to 3 weeks of blogging, I’ll be focusing on one project and one project only. How many of you have been a part of quilting challenges? Well, I’m in the thick of one right now. Elaine, one of the other QUILTsocial bloggers and I were each…

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