Introducing the Pfaff Creative 4.5 Sewing Machine

While I finalize the design for the What’s Good For the Gal is Good for the Guy quilt, it’s a good time to be introducing the Pfaff Creative 4.5 sewing machine. Like I said the other day, it’s a machine with all the bells and whistles. Looks pretty sleek and streamlined too.

Pfaff Creative 4.5 is a fully computerized sewing machine with all kinds of wonderful features. Since all I’ll be using the machine for this week is piecing, I only need to familiarize myself with the basics.

The Pfaff Creative 4.5 sewing machine

The Creative 4.5 Manual

The manual is a rather thick booklet and it contains all the information needed to run this machine. Oh, I think I forgot to mention the front of this machine is one of my favorite colors – purple.

Pfaff Creative 4.5 manual

If you don’t want to read the hard copy manual, well, you’re in luck because the whole manual, along with a help system, is available on the machine. I did say it’s fully computerized!

The LCD screen is nice and large making it easy to read the manual on the machine. Using the stylus makes it easy to navigate and scroll through the menus.

Complete manual available on the sewing machine

Sewing area

The throat area is a spacious 10-inches from the needle to the machine body giving lots of room to manoeuver quilts through when quilting. The throat height is 5-inches.

There are 3 LED lights to light up the sewing area. I always say, the more light, the better, and the Creative 4.5 is very well lit.

Large throat area and ample lighting


The machine comes with a wide range of feet and other tools that are all neatly stored in the accessory box attached to the machine. This accessory box is easily removed to allow for the use of the free arm when sewing a sleeve, for example, or when the embroidery unit needs to be attached. (more about it another day)

Fully equipped accessory box

It’s important to know the features on your sewing machine, it makes all your quilting and sewing that much smoother. Introducing the Pfaff Creative 4.5 sewing machine is like taking a gander at your manual with a friend to guide you. I hope you’re enjoying this review. Stay tuned for more features tomorrow.

Happy Quilting

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