Perfect presser feet to make a zippered case

It’s easier to keep your creativity flowing with all of the possibilities provided by the variety of presser feet included with the PFAFF Creative 4.5. Today I’m going to turn my stitched selvage piece of fabric into a finished project using several of the feet.

Presser feet included with PFAFF Creative 4.5. There’s one for almost every purpose!

Quick zippered case project

Assemble Project Pieces

Fabrics and zipper ready for assembly

I kept adding selvages to my made fabric until it measured least 8″ long. Then I cut two pieces 8″ long x 7″ wide. I have a piece of stitched selvage fabric left over for another project too  😉

Then I found a zipper in my stash that coordinates with my selvages and cut it to the same width.

Now it’s time to click the zipper foot onto the Creative 4.5.

Zipper Foot

Zipper foot attached to the left of the needle

The PFAFF zipper foot can be attached to the left or the right of the needle to help you sew zippers on a variety of projects. Here I have it attached to the left. The photo shows my project pivoted out from under the needle so I could close the zipper pull before continuing down the seam. The extra pivot lift provided by the presser foot button came in handy here too!

Fancy Stitch Foot

Presser Foot 1A – Fancy Stitch Foot with IDT System

The IDT System engages with many of the presser feet provided with the PFAFF Creative 4.5 to ensure even feeding of fabrics and smooth stitching. After unzipping the zipper about half way I used presser foot 1A to sew the side seams, then the bottom one closed.

Blindhem Foot

The blindhem foot

Next I switched to the blindhem foot with IDT System and used it to overlock the seams so they wouldn’t unravel with use.

It’s the first time I’ve used this foot and found it interesting – usually I just keep going with a regular foot because it’s easier than switching. With the PFAFF Creative 4.5 it’s easy to change feet – you simply push down on the foot to release it and push it up to attach it to the machine.

No unwinding a screw and making sure it doesn’t roll away!

Stitch 1.2.7 the Closed Overlock Stitch

I used stitch 1.2.7 Closed Overlock and the blindhem foot to overlock the side and bottom seams. You could also do the same to the two zipper seams, but I didn’t 😉

Quick to Make Zippered Case

Stitched case with zipper

All that’s left to do is turn the case right side out, close the zipper and it’s ready! The case is perfect for packing my cutting tools safely to take to a quilting workshop or retreat. The selection of presser feet with the PFAFF Creative 4.5 helped me create this quick project in no time.

This is part 3 of 5 in this series.
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