Combine stitches and text with the creative icon 2 Sequence Creator

Yesterday, we made up our stitches in Stitch Creator! Unlimited creativity!

Today, we’ll take a closer look at Sequence Creator on the PFAFF creative icon 2. This is where we combine stitches and/or text to add to our creative opportunities.

Sequence Creator screen with Sewing fonts menu open with parts of the Edit Stitch window detached and available for editing

Using Sequence Creator

Sequence Creator is accessed through the Sequence Creator icon on the bottom menu. You can combine different stitches – even ones we created in Stitch Creator – or add lettering to your project. Combine stitches with lettering for a very unique combination. What a great way to embellish a quilt label or, in this case, our Mug Rug.

When you open Sequence Creator you can see your stitch field and the stitch menu where you’ll find the built-in stitches, built-in fonts and mySewnet folder where you can access any of the created or adapted stitches.

I want to add some text to our Mug Rug and stitch it out between the tapered stitches at the top and bottom of our Mug Rug. One of my favorite features of Sequence Creator is the ability to program my tie-off at the beginning and the end of our combination. I can also program a thread cut at the end of the combination. I’m hearing you ask – what’s the difference between a tie-off at the end and a thread cut? A tie-off will tie-off but the machine won’t automatically stop sewing – it will simply tie-off and begin the sequence again. If you select a thread cut, the machine will tie off, cut the thread top and bottom and stop sewing the combination. I love this feature!

I want to use a font that’s wider than 9mm just so it’s more visible.

When I open my Font menu I can see the font choices and widths of the fonts I can choose. I want to use a nice wide font so I’ll use Grand Alphabet 17. The width of this alphabet is 17mm and is only UPPER CASE.

Opening the Font Menu in Sequence Creator and choosing Grand alphabet 17.

The first thing I want to do is program a tie-off at the beginning of my sequence. Notice I detached the tie-off section of the Edit Stitch Window so I always have access to the tie-off functions. I can’t say enough about the ability to personalize my screen and have the tools I want available all the time.

Once I select the font I’ll use, the keyboard opens ready for me to input my text. I’ll have a bit of fun and type WINE. After I finish entering my text, I’ll select the scissors to add a Cut command. If I hadn’t detached the tie-off section of Edit Stitch, I’d close the keyboard for access to the Edit Stitch function.

Notice the information window shows me the finished – yes, that’s right – the finished length of my sequence.

Grand alphabet 17mm font and text

When I’m done I’ll select OK to close the Sequence Creator window (If you can’t see the Close icon, close the keyboard.)

Sewing my text

I’ve threaded my PFAFF creative icon 2 with my Silver metallic thread.

I want to make sure to activate the projector on my PFAFF creative icon 2.

I’m using the projector to assist in placing the lettering above the last row and centered between the two tapered stitches. If you don’t have projector capabilities, use the measurement of the lettering (67mm) and measure half the length to the left of the vertical center. If you wish, you can always stitch out a sample and use your sample as a template for positioning the text on your Mug Rug. Sew the text with the Metallic thread.

Using the projector on my PFAFF creative icon 2 to stitch the text between the tapered stitches on my Mug Rug

Let’s go back to Sequence Creator and add the rest of our text for our Mug Rug.

In Sequence Creator, I used the Grand Alphabet 17 again. I programmed a tie-off at the beginning of the sequence and this time I typed TIME. I finished my sequence with a cut command. Notice the length in the Information window – 63mm.

Using the Grand Alphabet 17 to program the text TIME in Sequence Creator

I used the projector again to assist me in positioning the text at the bottom centered between the two tapered stitches. I love how the projector makes it so much easier to position my text.

Using the projector to assist in positioning and stitching my text between the two tapered stitches at the bottom of my Mug Rug

I clipped the stitches between the letters. Since each letter has a tie-off they won’t come undone. I don’t bother about trimming the back bobbin thread as that helps hold all the stitches together.

My finished Mug Rug top using decorative stitches created in the different sewing programs on my PFAFF creative icon 2

We have so many options in Sequence Creator to embellish Quilt Labels, Mug Rugs or any project we’re working on. We just touched a bit on what we can do in Sequence Creator – there are so many more options, so make sure you check out the built-in User’s Guide on the PFAFF creative icon 2 to see all the possible ways to create new stitch combinations in Sequence Creator.

We finished embellishing our fabric using the decorative stitches we created or adapted through the creative Sewing Programs on our PFAFF creative icon 2 and we’re now ready to finish it. Join me tomorrow to finish our stitch-embellished Mug Rug – or should I say Wine Rug!

Until tomorrow!

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