Create embroidered bookmarks with PFAFF creative sensation pro

I played with the built in designs on the creative sensation pro in my last post which led to some ideas on how to use those designs to create little gifts.

This post goes through the steps to make embroidered bookmarks using one of the built in designs from the creative sensation pro. I hope it inspires you to play too!

PFAFF creative sensation pro

Embroidered bookmarks


9″ x 11″ piece of fabric for front of bookmark
9″ x 11″ piece of batting
9″ x 11″ backing fabric – cut to size later
contrasting thread
creative 120 square hoop

leftover ribbon – optional

120 x 120 Square Hoop

Select an embroidery design. I used the one I saved in the last post that I discovered while playing and making a quilting sampler. I changed the hoop selection to the square 120 x 120 hoop.

I added the recipient’s initials and positioned them below the design.

Bookmark design on mini quilt sampler

I put the front fabric with only the batting behind it in the hoop. I was concerned about the thread getting stuck in the batting, but it didn’t.

Bookmark embroidery

There was enough design area in the hoop after the first bookmark was completed so I made another one!
I simply changed the initials by going back to embroidery edit and then moved the design to the opposite side of the hoop.

Design moved to right of hoop

Stitch out the second bookmark.

Second bookmark being stitched out

Trim bookmark fronts to 3″ x 8″.

Cut backing fabric same size.

Bookmarks cut to size

Put right sides together and sew around leaving turning gap along one side.

The IDT (Integrated Dual Feed ) System on PFAFF machines feeds fabric layers evenly through the feed dogs which means you can spend more time sewing and less time pinning!

Sewing without pins

On the second bookmark I decided to include a little ribbon loop at the top of the bookmark. Before you sew the layers together, tuck the folded ribbon between the top and bottom layers.

Folded ribbon between top and back layers

Turn and top stitch 1/8″ from edge. I used blue thread to make the top stitching part of the design, but you could use a neutral thread to let it blend in to the background fabric.

Embroidered bookmarks

It was really fun to take one of the embroidery designs to make a small project. I know my nieces will appreciate the bookmarks too. The more I play with the built in designs on the creative sensation pro, the more possibilities for creative projects appear!

This is part 4 of 5 in this series.
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