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Creating an oversized shoofly quilt block!

Creating an oversized shoofly quilt block!

by Tania Denyer

Yesterday I selected the colors for the Sewing Happens Here quilted wallhanging. Today I’ll begin with creating an oversized shoofly block.

Taking a traditional quilt block and supersizing it’s a lot of fun to do and an easy way to get a large space created without a lot of effort. The shoofly block is one of my favorites but you can experiment with other simple blocks too.

Every sewing space needs a sign to mark it! Sewing Happens Here!

Using your selected fabrics, cut the following:


  • 4 – 9½” squares
  • 2 – 10” squares


  • 1 – 9½” square
  • 2 – 10” squares

2-10″ squares of both a light and a dark background fabric are needed to make the shoofly block

And remember before starting any new sewing project, I use Gütermann cotton thread for my piecing work and don’t forget to replace your sewing machine needle with a SCHMETZ needle! A good quality needle and thread are essential to creating, you can’t run a car without gas right?

Gütermann cotton thread

SCHMETZ needle

Using 2 – 10″ squares of your light background fabric and 2 – 10″ squares of your dark background:

  • On the wrong side of the light squares, with a pencil, lightly draw a diagonal line from corner to corner and again ¼” on both sides of the line
  • Place one light square and one dark square right sides together

Preparing HST units for sewing

  • With the light square on top, sew a scant ¼” on the outside pencil lines

Sew scant ¼” on each side of the diagonal pencil line

  • Cut on the pencil line, there will be 4 HST units

4 HST sections ready for pressing

  • Open each HST and press to the darker color
  • Trim to 9½” square

4 HST blocks measuring 9½” are needed for the oversized shoofly block

  • Assemble quilt background using image below as guide

The quilt block should measure 27½” square.

Shoofly block assembly

Tomorrow I’ll be preparing the appliques for adding to the oversized shoofly block. Join me!

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Delaine May 23, 2020 - 8:41 am

Thank you for this awesome tutorial!


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