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Creating perfect chocolates with TrueCut 360° Precision Circle Cutter

by Tania Denyer

Welcome chocolatiers to day two! Yesterday I went over the things needed for the chocolate box project… today I’m piecing the chocolate box background and cutting and appliqueing the chocolates. There’s a lot to do so let’s get started.

Layout of the chocolate box background

cutting instructions

  • From the pink fabrics: cut 9 – 8½” squares

  • From red fabric: cut 3 – 1½” x 8½” strips and 2 – 1½ x 26½” strips

Piece the background as one large nine patch with the sashing on the inner borders. There’s no outer border to this design but you can add one if you choose.

The chocolate box design is an oversized nine patch with 1″ sashing

Now to cutting circles with the TrueCut 360° Precision Circle Cutter… it’s an absolute treat to use. Once I started using it I wanted to cut circles out of every fabric I had!

The packaging gives a complete description on how to use. Read it over carefully and cut some circles from scrap fabric until you get the hang of the TrueCut 360° Precision Circle Cutter.

TrueCut 360° Precision Circle Cutter… essential!

The TrueCut 360° Precision Circle Cutter is an excellent tool to have in your quilting tool box… also good for chocolate boxes!

The TrueCut 360° Precision Circle Cutter works on batting too!

Once comfortable with the TrueCut 360° Precision Circle Cutter, cut 8 – 7” circles from the chocolate fabric… I cut 2 white chocolate, 2 milk chocolate and 4 dark chocolate.

If you’re adding extra batting under your chocolates, cut 8 – 6” circles from the HeatnBond High loft fusible fleece.

Center the HeatnBond High loft fusible fleece on the back of the fabric circles, glue side down and press according to instructions. I pressed from the cotton side, not the fleece side to get the best adhesion. I recommend using HeatnBond High loft fusible fleece as it stabilizes the circles and makes them much easier to applique. It does not create a huge loft so if you want a puffier chocolate, try using two layers of HeatnBond High loft fusible fleece.

Center each chocolate (one at a time) in its box spot and carefully stitch the outside edge. Take your time and go slow. I chose to use a slightly heavier weight pink cotton thread and a buttonhole stitch. If the edges fray, trim them after you have completed the stitching.

Press each chocolate after it is appliqued.

The browns of the chocolate and the pinks and reds of the chocolate box look so yummy together!

Applique the chocolates into their boxes with a heavier weight thread and a buttonhole stitch

Whew! Good job! Take a rest because tomorrow I’m really going to get my chocolatier hat on and decorate 🙂

Fabric chocolates ready to be decorated with ribbon, rick rack and buttons!

This is part 2 of 5 in this series.

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