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Decorating unique chocolates with UNIQUE Rick Rack

by Tania Denyer

Welcome to day three of chocolatier class! Yesterday I pieced a chocolate box and stocked it with a selection of chocolates… today I decorate.

When I first approached the prospect of decorating these chocolates I was a bit daunted. Of course, you may use my designs but I encourage you to explore all the ways chocolate can be decorated… Pinterest is an excellent source.

I decided to use a 28wt cotton thread to applique to add more dimension to my work. This is a good place to try the more interesting threads you may have in your collection… if anything goes terribly wrong you can either pick it out or cover it with more Elan Grosgrain ribbon and UNIQUE Rick Rack!

UNIQUE Rick Rack in 3 different widths

Start simple… you can add more elements later but take it slow to begin. I found the medium size UNIQUE Rick Rack easiest to manipulate. You can trace the pattern lightly with a pencil if you’re not as impatient as I am. This is the best option to avoid having to pick out all the UNIQUE Rick Rack icing on chocolate, ask me how I know.

Start the first chocolate with a simple design and a wider width UNIQUE Rick Rack

A few tips when appliqueing UNIQUE Rick Rack:

  • Set the stitch length longer to allow the machine to make a clean stitch through the layers of fabric and rick rack

  • Use an applique foot if you have one, it helps to see any potential problems coming before you stitch them down

  • Go slow and take the corners easy… patience helps with applique, a little goes a long way

UNIQUE Rick Rack is so much fun to decorate chocolates with!

Next, let’s try some Elan Grosgrain ribbon… I started with this one and it ended up being my favorite. Using a wider width of Elan Grosgrain ribbon, stitch back and forth to make this design. I folded the edge for the trip back before I got to the edge so it was easier to pivot.

Some chocolates are perfectly lovely with a simple drizzle of Elan Grosgrain ribbon

A few more tips when appliqueing with Elan Grosgrain ribbon:

  • Cut the beginning and end at a 45° angle to minimize fraying

  • Stitch along the center of the ribbon as best you can, it adds a nice dimension to the applique

This chocolate is decorated with both UNIQUE Rick Rack and Elan Grosgrain ribbon!

Note: Be careful your iron’s not too hot as it can damage the rick rack.

Pressing from the back helps avoid this… again ask me how I know. You see that’s what is so great about testing these products for you, I can share my knowledge!

When you’ve completed one layer of Elan Grosgrain ribbon and UNIQUE Rick Rack, you can decide whether to add more. You’ll find the more you applique with these products, the more ideas you’ll have. Like handwriting, the pattern you decorate your chocolates says a lot about you!

Tomorrow I’ll be sandwiching and quilting the chocolate box and I’ll give you some ideas on how to use quilting lines to add further design to your creation.

So many ways to decorate your chocolates using UNIQUE Rick Rack and Elan Grosgrain ribbon!

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