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How to decorate chocolates… with quilting stitches!

How to decorate chocolates… with quilting stitches!

by Tania Denyer

Yesterday I did a lot of work adding icing to the chocolates in the chocolate box using Grosgrain ribbon and UNIQUE Rick Rack. I hope you enjoyed it and had some ideas of your own. I imagine you will not look at the designs on chocolate in the same way ever again!

UNIQUE Rick Rack in 3 different widths

Elan Grosgrain ribbon… in all the Valentine colors

Today I’m addressing how to quilt this project.

Setting up properly before starting quilting is a good practice. These are a few of the things I like to do:

  • Clear space of clutter
  • Attach walking foot
  • Make sure bobbin is full
  • Set the stitch length longer than normal to allow the machine to make an even and visible quilting stitch

The first thing I quilted was the sashing. I stitched along the center of the red sashing and then added additional lines outside of that. This technique anchors the entire piece. I use the sashing as a guide to keep my quilting lines straight but of course, you may mark the quilt in your preferred method.

And please remember to always check the back of the quilt for wrinkles. I know I get carried away with wanting to add more and more lines of stitching, but taking a few minutes early in the quilt process really pays off.

If there’s a lot going on in your design, keep the quilting simple.

After establishing some basic quilting along the sashing, I added some quilting to each chocolate individually. The key in quilting, if you want the quilt to lay flat or hang well is to quilt evenly over the entire piece.

And before you mention it… yes I know I left one of the chocolate spots empty! I like to have my quilts a little wonky and less than perfect, I imagined the chocolate that was in that box has already been eaten. For this section, I chose a simple diagonal pattern. Of course, you may fill your chocolate box to the brim, this is your project after all.

Tomorrow my chocolatiers, I cover the finishing touches and also decorate with Elan novelty buttons!

Elan Novelty Buttons Hearts

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