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Quilted chocolate box ready for delivery, just in time for Valentine’s Day

Quilted chocolate box ready for delivery, just in time for Valentine’s Day

by Tania Denyer

Yesterday I quilted my chocolate boxes and today after a few finishing touches, it’ll be ready to display just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Time for a few finishing touches!

Elan novelty buttons, how adorable and in Valentine’s Day colors!

Once the quilt is trimmed, binding and a hanging sleeve can be added. I covered both of these techniques in one of my earlier posts on QUILTsocial, a sleeve and the binding.

Today I’m adding buttons! I chose these simply adorable Elan novelty buttons in the shape of hearts, of course.

This is how I add buttons to my finished piece:

  1. Knot the end of a length of thread and bury it close to where you want the button to be.

  2. Stitch the button in place.

  3. Finish with another knot buried in the quilt top.

I am not entering this in a quilt show so I don’t mind if the button stitching shows on the back of the quilt, that is also why I chose a patterned backing fabric.

Stitching on some perfectly sweet heart buttons makes everything complete!

And as an extra for the quilt top, or to add to pretty much anything, I’m making a rick rack rose.

This is basically the process. I used UNIQUE medium size rick rack.

  • Cut two strips about 20″ long and intertwine them together. I found it easiest to layer the two sections under my foot and secure in the needle down position, then intertwine them and sew. It helps to secure them.
  • Sew along one side of the intertwined rick rack, you can use a thread that blends.
  • Roll the rick rack up adding a spot of glue on the bottom stitched end every so often, remember the top end will be where the petals appear so keep it clear of glue.
  • At the end fold the rick rack and glue to what will be the base of the rose.
  • After the glue is completely set, you can push back some of the petals to reveal your rick rack rose, the larger the rick rack the more you can manipulate the petals.

UNIQUE Rick Rack in Valentine’s Day too!

Secure the ends of the UNIQUE Rick Rack by placing under the foot of the sewing machine

Sew along one edge of the intertwined UNIQUE Rick Rack

Roll up the UNIQUE Rick Rack tape into a rose, secure with glue or hand stitching.

You can add a rick rack rose to your quilt top or use anywhere as a sweet decoration. The baby rick rack would work wonderfully as a tiny rosebud… so many possibilities!

It has been tremendous fun exploring all these tools this week, TrueCut 360°Precision Circle Cutter, UNIQUE Rick Rack and Elan Grosgrain ribbons and Elan novelty buttons.

Hope you enjoyed it too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

These notions and the TrueCut 360° Precision Circle Cutter make it easy to accomplish the Chocolate Box quilt.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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