Creative quilt layouts with a Bargello quilt block

I’ve been working on the Batty for Bargello quilted reversible table runner, perfect for Halloween. Yesterday I pieced the Bargello patchwork strips to create a single Bargello block with Fabric Creations Cotton and Gütermann MCT Sew-all Thread. I suggested making two blocks in yesterday’s tutorial to make the table runner. Let’s explore a few layouts.

Layout suggestion 1

Layout suggestion 2

Layout suggestion 3

However, if we take the single block design used in my post yesterday, Accurately piecing the Batty for Bargello Table Runner, you can imagine it repeated and turned different ways to make different design configurations. If we made bed-sized quilts with multiple blocks. This allows infinite design possibilities because many blocks are needed. Larger quilt design options are shown below.

King-size 110” x 96” quilt

Layout suggestion king-size quilt with 22” x 24” blocks

Queen-size 96” x 88” Bargello quilt

Layout suggestion for a queen-size quilt

Throw size Bargello quilt 66” x 72”

Layout suggestion for a throw-size quilt

After making the two blocks as suggested, you’ll have some of one tube left over. You could make tote bags, placemats, potholders, and more with the scraps and any additional blocks you’d like to make. Don’t forget there’s a free coloring page download to try designing your Bargello block here. This download is needed for tomorrow’s tutorial with the bat applique design on the back of the quilt.

You can see the design possibilities are exciting and infinite with this single Bargello block! Join me tomorrow when I show how to add the Fabric Creations Cotton appliqued bats to the backing with an easy quilt-as-you-go method and stitched with white and black Gütermann MCT Sew-all Thread.

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