Creativity with a leftover Banyan Batik block

Yesterday, I showed you how to make a small modern wall quilt using 3 blocks made from 4 fat quarters of Banyan Batiks Visual Sound collection in the Blue-Green colorway.

Modern quilt from just 5 fat quarters of Banyan Batiks Visual Sound

There’s 1 block left from yesterday’s improv quilt project which will make a great background for some applique. And, after making my QUILTsocial projects in May, I found I had lots of small pieces of Banyan Batiks left over. These will be perfect for fusible applique!

Leftover Banyan Batik scraps. Perfect for appliqué!

I like to use HeatnBond EZ Print Lite  fusible web for applique. These fusible web sheets go right in your printer! Using an ink-jet printer, you can print directly on the paper backing to create applique pieces.

Here are some flower and leaf designs that will work well with the HeatnBond EZ print sheets.

You can click to download PDF file containing these applique shapes.

Once you have the pattern page on your computer screen, just put 1 sheet of EZ Print in your ink-jet printer and print the pattern page just the way you would print it on a piece of paper.

As an alternate method, print the patterns on paper and then trace the shapes on your favorite fusible web.

Here’s how to start creating your design:

  • Cut out the shapes leaving about ⅛” of fusible web around the outside edges of each shape.
  • Carefully remove the paper backing from the unmarked side of the fusible web, one shape at a time, as you need it. A thin layer of fusible web will remain on the fabric.
  • Following the manufacturer’s instruction, press the flower and leaf shapes on the wrong side of your chosen Banyan Batik fabrics.
  • Cut out each shape on the drawn lines.
  • For the stems, I used this Banyan Batik Visual Sound #80025-52 from the blue/green colorway. This fabric, with its curvy line design, is perfect for fussy-cutting. Just press a piece of fusible web about 6″ x 11″ on the back of the fabric, and then cut out the stem shapes as desired.

Banyan Batik Visual Sound #80025-52. Perfect for stems!

Stems cut from Banyan Batik Visual Sound #80025-52 with fusible web on the back

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you how to arrange the shapes on the Banyan Batik background block and start planning the borders for your own original wall quilt!

Wall quilt from a leftover block and scraps of Banyan Batiks for the flowers, stems and leaves

This is part 3 of 5 in this series.
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Orla V. July 7, 2018 - 3:23 pm
So cute, and I love the shape of the leaves! Thank you. I keep thinking about using scraps for cushion covers etc., but never know where to start - really nice to have some examples and inspiration.
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