Easy 6-point stars without Y seams: What you need to get started

Last year, I featured an oversized diamond hexagon pillow and got some great feedback from quilters who made the project during their very first post-covid quilting retreat! Thanks again by the way! It’s always great to hear from you and see what you make with our ideas.

When I saw the pictures, it made me realize that I actually made two smaller pillows to go with it, but never got a chance to post them. So, here’s my chance to set the record straight! I’ll show you how to complete the set with these lovely 6-point star pillows that are a breeze to make using extremely helpful tools like the Komfort Kut 360° Rotating Cutting Mat and OLFA Quick Change Rotary Cutter.

Many quilters hesitate to make diamond shaped designs because they usually require Y seams. But you know me. I love a challenge and diamonds! And I found easy tricks to make diamond shape quilts without having to sew Y seams.

You can finally create diamond shape quilts without having to sew Y seams!



I used the scraps of fabric from the Kaffe Fasset Collection left over from the oversized diamond hexagon pillow I made, along with the following fabrics.



So, gather your stuff and get ready to begin this new project. And if you’re planning to take part in a quilting retreat, I have to share my new quilting gadget I just splurged on in preparation for my upcoming quilting outings. Just before COVID, I got a new sewing machine that’s quite large and had difficulty finding a traveling case for it… Not anymore! You’ll be happy to hear that Vivace now carries three different sizes of sewing machine trolleys.

The Extra-Large Vivace Sewing Machine Trolley

The Extra-Large Vivace Sewing Machine Trolley is perfect for oversized machines

The trolleys all have telescopic locking handles, durable wheels and ample pockets. The compartment opens up completely with a sturdy zipper and contains a strap to secure your machine. They also have zippered storage areas. But the extra-large trolley has a large zippered front compartment plus a wide lip and clip to secure cutting mats and rulers. I no longer need to drag another bag for those! And I love that the compartment opens up top and front of the bag so I don’t have to load my machine from the top.

I love the Vivace Extra Large Sewing Machine Trolley. It’s a great new addition to my quilting gear and I recommend it for traveling with your sewing machine!

Come back tomorrow to begin your journey in the creation of a 6-point star without any Y seams.

This is part 1 of 5 in this series

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