Easy quilting using the MuVit Open-Toe Dual-Feed Foot

Yesterday I introduced you to some raw edge applique techniques using my Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 sewing and quilting machine.

Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 machine

Now that I have finished two different raw-edge applique house quilts, I decided to make a larger wall quilt and combine hand and machine stitching. I still had lots of squares and half-square triangles, and I’m really trying to use up scraps and leftovers!

In my stash of beige and brown fabric scraps, I found these strips that would make a perfect background for my next quilt.

I sewed shorter strips of varying widths together to make longer strips.

Background strips ready to be sewn together

I sewed dark brown strips to the tops and bottoms of the beige strips and one dark brown strip to each side. This will be the background for my raw-edge applique shapes.

Dark brown strips are sewn to top, bottom and sides

I trimmed the top and bottom edges to square up the quilt. After it was squared up, my background measured 26″ x 28″. When I started, I didn’t know what size the background would be. I just kept making and adding strips until I arrived at a workable size.

Trim the edges to square up the quilt.

Now it’s time for quilting!

  • If you don’t have a piece of batting large enough, you can sew smaller pieces together. I have three favorite stitches on my Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 for this process: Q17, Q18 and 2-17. They are either zigzag or serpentine stitches. Just butt the raw edges of batting together and sew with one of these stitches. Make sure to use the SA186 Open-Toe foot so you can see exactly where you’re stitching. This is another way to use up some leftovers!

Sewing batting pieces together

  • Layer the backing, batting, and pieced background.
  • Pin or baste the layers together. I like to baste by machine, using basting stitch 1-08.

I quilted in the ditch using the MuVit digital dual feed foot. This was a good time to use the Stitch-in-the-Ditch foot that comes with the MuVit.

Quilting with the stitch in the ditch foot

Then I added some extra parallel quilting lines using the Open-Toe foot on the MuVit digital dual feed foot. I drew some quilting lines but also used the laser vision guide as a stitching guide. If you’re not familiar with the laser vision guide on the Brother Innov-ís BQ3050, have a look at this video.

Laser vision guide key on the Brother Innov-ís BQ3050

Use the laser light to guide your stitching

Now the background is all quilted and I’m ready to add my applique shapes.

Closeup view of quilted background

Please join me again tomorrow on QUILTsocial as I use my Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 sewing and quilting machine, and some hand–stitching techniques to complete this wall quilt.

Raw edge appliqued house quilt

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