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Edit built-in decorative stitches using the PFAFF Stitch Creator feature

by Sarah Vanderburgh

Let’s get creating! In yesterday’s post, I showed 5 steps for success using the PFAFF Stitch Creator feature. Today I’m making a perfect little add on gift – a mug rug – with stitches I edited using the PFAFF quilt expression 720 Stitch Creator feature.

PFAFF quilt expression 720

The PFAFF quilt expression 720 has several built-in animal stitches to choose from. I selected the fish with my dad in mind. He loves to fish and in the winter spends his time working on puzzles. I thought a fishing related mug rug would be a fun add on gift to make for him.

Animal stitches menu

To use the fish stitch I first decided I should remove its grin – it’s a little bit much for a grown fisherman, don’t you think? 🙂 The fish stitch is made up of many stitch points. Use the stylus included with the machine to touch the stitch point that starts the smile. A big green square highlights the selected stitch point.

Stitch highlighted at beginning of smile

To delete the stitch points I touched the delete/garbage can icon.

Smile stitch points deleted

To keep with the fisherman theme I inserted a second stitch into the Stitch Creator feature (stitch 6.1.12). I deleted the middle bow stitches to make it look more like a fishing hook! Then I pressed OK and stitched out my fish and hook stitches.

I chose thin strips of bright blue fabric from my stash and purple thread. I know, not the most masculine thread color, but I still wanted to have fun making and I know one of the last big puzzles my dad did was a huge underwater scene with lots of vibrant colors.

When stitching decorative stitches it’s best to use a stabilizer. I cut a thin strip of Inspira’s Fast and Easy Tear-A-Way Light temporary stabilizer to put under my fabric, then I let the machine stitch out my creation.

I decided to make a row of fish going in the opposite direction too. I used a second strip of fabric and used the mirror button to have my stitches switch direction. Now I have more creative options with two long strips of fish stitches.

Fish stitched out in opposite directions

Cut and trim the fish strips into two 1½” x 6″ strips. Use the leftover from each strip and sew them together to make a third strip where the fish will eventually meet 😉 Sew with two alternate fabric strips that are also 1½” x 6″  to create one side of the mug rug top. Press each seam to the one beneath it.

Layout for fish stitched and alternate fabric strips

I shopped my stash again and found a darker purple fabric to use as my side fabric. It measures 4″ x 5¾”. I sewed mine to the left side of the strip set, but you could choose to put it on the right. Press the seam to the side fabric.

The mug rug top should measure 9½” wide x 5¾” tall.

Layout to join fabric to strip set

Now it’s time to quilt the mug rug top. I did the quilting then attached the backing so the backing wouldn’t have all of the quilting on it.

Cut a piece of batting the same size as the mug rug top. I used one of the built-in stippling stitches on the quilt expression 720 to add the look of wavy water to my mug rug; I went down the middle of each alternate fabric and then on the seam line between the strips as well. On the side fabric, I used the same stipple stitch to make what looks like a wavy border frame around the fabric, making sure to have it stitch out inside of the ¼″ seam that will get turned under when adding the backing.

Stippling stitches menu

When the quilting was complete, I cut a backing from more stash fabric and put it on top of the quilted top, pinning around its edges to keep it in place. I used the ¼″ quilting foot to sew my seam around the edge, leaving a turning gap. After turning the mug rug right side out, I topstitched with the purple thread around the edge and also stitched between the side fabric and strip set.

Quilted mug rug

It was fun to use my edited stitches to create this playful mug rug! I can add it to a puzzle and some snack food for a gift for my dad this holiday season. I hope this post helped you have a few more ideas on how to use the stitches you make with the Stitch Creator feature. Come back again tomorrow and see what else I’m creating with the stitches the PFAFF quilt expression 720.

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bn100 October 29, 2019 - 10:00 pm

looks cute

Susan Spiers October 29, 2019 - 9:46 pm

A wonderful feature, love that fish! Thank you, Susan


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