Embroidery personalizes an essential Back to School pencil case [easy]

Earlier this week, I showed you the benefits of the limited-edition PFAFF creative™ ambition™ 640 for all your quilting needs and the embroidery system to create your own quilt labels. But the embroidery system can do much more than just embroider words. You can use it to embroider many things; there are over 100 designs on the USB stick that allows you to drop the design into the machine. Plus, there’s plenty of room on the stick to add your very own designs.

If you prefer using existing designs, consider creating a profile on mySewnet where you can use the application as a cloud filing system for all your embroideries. Various subscription options give you access to embroidery designs. But, if you don’t want a subscription, you can always purchase individual designs based on your own projects. Subscription or no subscription, the cool thing is you can still have access to many free embroidery designs. I fell in love with the Postcard Valentine pattern and decided to create a pencil case for my child just in time for back to school.

Create a personalized pencil case just in time for back to school.

The first thing I did was download the file onto the PREMIER+ 2 program on my computer where I made a few changes. That’s the beauty of the software and the PFAFF creative ambition. You can scale your embroidery designs by 20%, bigger or smaller, and you can edit the thread colors. You can also rotate the design in 90-degree increments and add the option of basting the hoop or design area. After carefully reviewing my options, I saved the embroidery as a VP3 file onto the USB stick and went to my sewing machine. I just love that the machine came with the creative™ Master Hoop that measures 240 x 150mm. This hoop allowed me to embroider the design in the size I wanted for a pencil case.

Embroideries are easy with the PFAFF creative ambition 640 and the Premier+2 software.

And that’s when the fun part starts! Make sure to read yesterday’s post, Creating a label is a cinch with the PFAFF creative ambition 640, to review all the notions needed to embroider your design. For this project, I used a yellow batik fat quarter with stabilizer, Sulky Cotton Blendables 30wt – Sunset for the hearts, and Sulky Cotton Solid Color 30wt – True Red for the words. Once my machine was set up and hooped, I simply pressed start for the magic to happen. I stayed close by to cut off threads when needed using the thread snips button, and to change the thread color.

The PFAFF creative ambition 640 comes with a large hoop for big projects.

Once done, I cut out the embroidery to make a 6½” x 12½” rectangle, ensuring the embroidery was well-centered. My main piece is now ready to be transformed into a personalized pencil case.

I’m thrilled with the quality of the embroidery using the PFAFF creative ambition 640. Come back tomorrow to see how to finish this pencil case project.

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