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Entertaining with Fabric Flowers

by Kathy K. Wylie

Who knew that Clover’s Kanzashi Flower Makers would come in so handy this holiday season? We learned how to make fabric flowers, how to layer different size flowers and fussy-cut fabric, and how to use the flowers for Christmas decorating and gift-wrapping. Now let’s see how fabric flowers can enhance our tables this season as we entertain family and friends. Entertaining with fabric flowers is quick, easy and …addictive?

Wine Charm

Have you ever put down your glass at a party then wondered which one it is? Here’s an elegant solution. Make extra-small-size Pointed Petal fabric flowers in a variety of different fabrics. Attach a hook & loop fastener to the back and wrap around each wine glass as an identifier.

Fabric flower wine charm

Fabric flower wine charm

Napkin Rings

Attach a Pointed Petal fabric flower to a length of elastic or a purchased ring and wrap around your table napkins.

Fabric flower napkin ring

Fabric flower napkin ring

Table Place Cards

Planning a seating arrangement around the table? Try attaching a binding & hem clip to the back of a fabric flower.

Fabric flower with binding clip

Fabric flower with binding clip

Then it will be easy to clip the flower on a place card to let your guests know where to sit. It would also make a nice party favor – if you don’t mind parting with it!

Fabric flower place card

Fabric flower place card

We hope you enjoyed learning how to make fabric flowers with a Kanzashi Flower Maker and that you found some good ideas for using them. And remember, you can change up the fabrics and use them all year round!

How will you be entertaining with fabric flowers?


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Laurie T December 15, 2014 - 11:49 am

What sweet ways to use the fabric flowers! The more ideas the better. Thanks for sharing them with us.


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