Exploring mySewnet with the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2 | Embroidery

I’m so excited to be back, and I’ve got some great technology to share with you this week. I’ll use the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2 to take you through the wonders of mySewnet.

I’ll explore the ease of searching, creating, and moving embroidery files and other great features and how the Designer EPIC 2, with its Wi-Fi capabilities, connects seamlessly to mySewnet.com.

You can check out this post to learn more about the Designer EPIC 2, a fabulous sewing and embroidery machine.

Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2

Technology has changed our lives drastically, so should it be any different when we see changes in the world of sewing machines? I think the changes are long overdue! Let’s check it out!

mySewnet is a brand encompassing an online library of embroidery designs you can purchase or access with a subscription. The mySewnet embroidery software allows you to create, modify, and do much more in the design world. You have apps that connect smart devices to Wi-Fi-enabled sewing and embroidery machines, you can send files wirelessly between devices, and much more!

This week, I’ll explore some of those options. Be prepared to be blown away; I can’t wait to see what’s coming!

Today, I’ll explore the mySewnet blog, which you can see on the home screen of the Designer EPIC 2.

The Designer EPIC 2 home screen

Check out this video for a full tour of what’s in the mySewnet blog. Then come back, and I’ll walk you through a project I’ll stitch.

It’s so exciting to have access to those designs and project ideas right on the screen of the Designer EPIC 2!

Remember, if there’s some part of the screen you don’t know, use Quick Help (the question mark in the top right corner). Activate Quick Help by touching it and selecting any item on the screen; a pop-up message will give you the information.

A Quick Help pop-up message

I wanted to stitch out one of the projects in the mySewnet blog, so I browsed through the Sewing Instructions filter and found this placemat.

Sewing instructions from the mySewnet blog

Included in the instructions is this bat embroidery design.

An embroidery design is included with the instructions

I selected it and saved it in my mySewnet cloud storage.

Saving the bat embroidery design to my mySewnet cloud storage

I popped over to the embroidery edit screen on the Designer EPIC 2.

The Embroidery Edit screen

Then using File Manager, opening up the file from mySewnet was a snap.

TIP Be sure to understand the file structure of the mySewnet cloud. Like any file storage, creating folders for specific projects or designs is a good idea, and makes them much easier to retrieve. If you don’t know where the file is, you can’t retrieve it!

File Manager to open up the files from the mySewnet cloud storage

And within seconds, the bat embroidery design was on the screen! Isn’t that cool? There’s no need to search for or buy a design, as it’s inside the project instructions. And I didn’t need a USB or cables to access the file.

The bat embroidery design is on the Embroidery Edit screen

TIP If you open the Thread Color Edit, you’ll see the Color Blocks of embroidery threads used in the design. Select Quick Help and then touch a Color Block in the list to get detailed information on each color. A pop-up message will provide more details for the Color Block, including the brand, color number and name, and number of stitches. You’ll also see if any specialty threads are needed or the length of ribbon required if the design has ribbon embroidery.

The Thread Color Information pop-up

The first color suggested using a glow-in-the-dark thread, which I didn’t have, so I chose white. I may have to stitch it again because the glow-in-the-dark would be awesome!

I chose some fabric and started stitching.

Stitching out the bat outlines

I worked through the colors and love how dimensional the darker colors looked. The gray is ONE color of thread!

A dimensional look to the gray on the bat wings

Through the wonders of the mySewnet ecosystem and the Wi-Fi capabilities of the Designer EPIC 2, I can monitor the embroidery stitch-out progress, even if I’m not in the same room. So when it was time for dinner, I watched the stitch-out progress using the Monitor function in the mySewnet app on my phone. I can check the status and receive alerts if the stitching stopped. In this message, it was time to change the thread. That’s so amazing!

Pop-up notification on mySewnet app

Before I knew it, the stitching was done!

The completed embroidery stitch-out

Be sure to return tomorrow to see what I do with the design! It’s so exciting to work with the simple-to-use technology of the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2 and the mySewnet ecosystem. The ability to have fun while pushing the limits of technology makes it exciting to sew and embroider!

Have a great day!!


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