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Floating stitches are extraordinary on the PFAFF quilt expression 720

Floating stitches are extraordinary on the PFAFF quilt expression 720

by Sarah Vanderburgh

There’s more to explore on the PFAFF quilt expression 720! In yesterday’s post, I listed my top 5 favorite features of the quilt expression 720. Today I’ll show you one of this machine’s exclusive stitch techniques called floating stitches.

I was really curious to try these stitches out because they DO really look like they’re floating. Only some of the stitching line appears on the right side of the fabric so it looks like they aren’t connected to anything.

Special stitch technique called floating stitches done with the NEW PFAFF quilt expression 720.

First attempt at floating stitches

The floating stitches are one of the stitch techniques found on the quilt expression 720. This machine has so many stitch techniques that it sounds like an embroidery machine! I find it easy to use the Color Touch Screen to locate the stitch I want and to view the symbols on the screen to determine which presser foot to use and if any stabilizer is required beneath the fabric.

The floating stitches are found in menu 8: stitch techniques. This menu is not available when the straight stitch plate is on the machine – ask me how I know 😉

The Color Touch Screen on the PFAFF quilt expression 720 lets you see the available stitch menus, in this case, the Stitch Techniques. Tutorial for floating stitches.

Stitch techniques menu on Color Touch Screen

I always read the manual to figure out how to try new things on a machine. In this case, the instructions are to sew two fabrics right sides together and put some stabilizer underneath. Once the stitching is finished, the next step is to gently tug the fabrics apart.

Tug fabrics apart! Well, this step had me a little nervous but I really wanted to see what the stitches would look like.

I took a short video of tugging the fabrics apart so you could see the magic happen 🙂

Floating stitches made with PFAFF Quilt Expression 720 – YouTube

This video shows how to make the floating stitches appear on the front of your project. The stitches appear after gently tugging the fabrics open.

Isn’t that neat? It makes me want to try all of the floating stitches. But first I decided to make something with my stitched row of floating stitches.

My fabric was cut thin at about 1½″ wide. I decided it was a perfect size for a bookmark. I cut a small piece of batting and another scrap of fabric. I layered the backing right side up on the batting, then the fabric with the floating stitches on top, right side down. I stitched, leaving a turning gap, then carefully pulled the fabric through the gap and pushed out the corners. I topstitched around the edge using the same thread that I used for the floating stitches.

A quilted bookmark created with a row of floating stitches using the PFAFF quilt expression 720.

Bookmark made with floating stitches

Playing with new stitches is fun! Wait until you see what other stitch techniques I tried from the PFAFF quilt expression 720 to share with you this week.

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