Free motion stitching on a DIY lampshade cover – Part 3

This is the 3rd post about making a DIY Lampshade Recover with the Mont Marte Signature Fabric Paint Set. Post 1 was about designing your pattern, and Post 2 was about painting the design on your lampshade cover.

Today, I’ll show you how to free motion stitch the floral designs with Gütermann Thread and recover the lampshade with large UNIQUE Quilting Clever Clips and ODIF 404 Spray and Fix Permanent Repositionable Adhesive for Craft Material.

Paint and thread, a match made in heaven to make a very pretty lampshade cover.


  1. Leave the freezer paper on the painted lampshade cover; it will act as a stabilizer for the stitching.
  2. Insert a free motion quilting foot on the sewing machine.
  3. Lower the feed dogs on the sewing machine.
  4. Fill a bobbin with 50wt polyester thread.

Use Gütermann 100% Cotton on top and Gütermann MCT Sew-All Thread in the bobbin.

5. Run a bobbin of polyester thread, and 100% cotton 12wt on the top spool pin. The heavier cotton thread shows up very well as an outline and enhances the colorful paint.

6. If available, place the needle of the machine in the needle down position.

7. Bring the bobbin thread up to the top of the design before starting to stitch, to avoid thread nests while stitching.

Bobbin thread brought up to the top of the design before stitching

8. Stitch slowly around the flowers and leaves to outline all the details.

TIP Use quilting gloves to get an effective grip on the fabric and assist you with the free motion stitching process; it also helps to avoid hand and shoulder fatigue.

9. If you’re interested in looking into taking a Free Motion Quilting class to hone your unique skills, have a look at my website Classes and Teaching.

Free motion stitching around one of the flowers with 100% cotton thread outlines the flower nicely.

Free motion stitching is used to outline these flowers.

Getting there – free motion stitching around all the details

Free Motion Stitching with 100% cotton thread is complete.

10. Remove the freezer paper carefully from the back of the lampshade fabric. Hold the stitches down with one hand as you tear away the fabric. Use tweezers, if necessary, in small areas.

TIP Use a pin to score the freezer paper to help you remove the paper.

What the freezer paper looks like on the back once the stitching is done

Removing the freezer paper

11. Heat set the stitched and painted lampshade cover by placing a paper towel or thin cloth over the design on the right side, and ironing on the cotton setting for 3-5 minutes to fix the artwork.

Heat setting the artwork with a hot iron and paper towel

12. Upholster the lampshade cover to the lampshade by referring to the video from Monday’s post about Recovering a lampshade with Mont Marte art supplies. ODIF 404 Spray and Fix Permanent Repositionable Adhesive for Craft Material and large UNIQUE Quilting Clever Clips are the perfect notions to assist in the process of completing the recovering process. They act as glue to hold the lampshade cover and a second set of hands.

UNIQUE Quilting Clever Clips

Lampshade covered with embellished lampshade fabric using fabric adhesive and clever clips

Ooh, it’s done and ready for spring!

The lampshade cover was such a fun and effective process and we learned the Mont Marte Signature Fabric Paint Set is not only amazing but can be used for beautiful DIY homewares. I bet we all can think of so many more creative ideas.

Join me tomorrow when I discuss the Mont Marte Fabric Art Set and how to embellish a very quick and easy beach tote with the fabric paint sticks, fabric markers, puffy paints and the canvas bag included in the set.

This is part 3 of 5 in this series

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