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FREE! QUILTsocial Magazine Issue 27 Now Available!

by Carla A. Canonico

Welcome to QUILTsocial Magazine Issue 27, on Black Friday 2023!

As we launch our exciting Issue 27, we’re thrilled to announce our exclusive Black Friday deal just for you!


Black Friday Deal on 4-Issue Bundle! Issues 23 to 26

In the world of quilting, where creativity meets craftsmanship, Issue 27 is a treasure trove of innovative ideas and essential tools. In this issue, we curated a collection of preferred notions and techniques that will elevate your quilting experience. We look at Bosal Batting Strips and Bosal Sew in Foam Stabilizer, the Clover Fabric Tube Maker, and Gütermann Denim Love Nostalgia Box to upcycle denim with Paul Léger’s guide to unique quilt blocks for an original denim quilt.

As for sewing and quilting machines, we explore the features, capabilities, and precision of the PFAFF Passport 2.0 to create placemats with a unique grid design. Master free motion quilting with the Husqvarna Viking PLATINUM™ Q160. Elaine Theriault’s expert guidance takes you through unboxing and smooth setup. Explore the machine’s impressive features and benefits that will enhance your quilting experience. Dive into ruler work with Elaine’s tutorial, uncovering invaluable tips and tricks.

We invite you to embrace the fusion of tradition and innovation, sustainability, and creativity, as we empower you to embark on quilting projects that are not only beautiful but also deeply meaningful. Your quilting journey awaits, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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