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FREE! QUILTsocial Magazine Issue 6 Now Available!


Here it is, the new issue of QUILTsocial Magazine! We’re extremely excited to release this FREE issue featuring a full 72 pages packed with tips, projects, and quilting know-how!

We’re celebrating this spring with a ‘bookful’ of helpful quilting and sewing tips! This issue focuses on the helpful tools that make your quilting and sewing tasks easier, for a successful quilt every time. See what essential tools help facilitate your sewing skills. This issue includes topics like working with templates to help you achieve flawless results, how to properly use interfacing, working with denim, and sewing with vinyl. What you don’t want to miss is an illustration about sewing machine tension, how to make your own bias tape, how to make the NY Beauty the EASY way, and oh, did I mention all the fun quilting projects you’ll make? Happy Spring, Happy Quilting!

Browse through this issue FREE online at any time. However if you plan to download the PDF version, do it now! It’ll be FREE only for a limited time

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Carla A. Canonico is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine,, and


  1. Nancy Brandt

    I just came across Quilt Social on LinkedIn. Is it too late to download issue 6 FREE?

    • Hi Nancy, it’s too late for the free download of QUILTsocial Issue 6, but once you’ve downloaded any one of our past free issues you’ll receive an email when future issues are released and you’ll have the opportunity to download those for free for a limited time.

  2. VickiT

    I’ve gotten the email with the ‘Download your Free PDF Copy’ (after attempting to get it about 5 times), but then when I did finally get that one and click to download, it took me back to the same page to enter my email addy and info and then told me again to wait for the email to download. It’s just taking me in circles.

  3. Carla A. Canonico, Publisher, QUILTsocial

    I’ve had feedback that many who’ve clicked on “Download your FREE PDF Copy” above have submitted their details but have not received the email with the download link. We’re working to resolve the problem as soon as possible, and we appreciate your patience. I’ll follow up with another notice when the problem is resolved. Thank you!

    • Carla A. Canonico

      I’m happy to report that the PDF download problem was resolved at about 6AM ET this morning. We’re looking at options for sending the download links to everyone who signed up earlier. However, anyone interested can click on the “Download your FREE PDF Copy” button again and this time they’ll receive the email with the download link. I apologize for the inconvenience…

  4. TJ Kohinska

    Download doesn\’t seem to work! Tried several times with no luck. Pretty frustrating…

    • We were having slight malfunctions with the download, all is fixed and should work now.

  5. VickiT

    Help? I have entered my info 4-5 times today to enable me to view Issue 6 and download it. I will admit one or two times I may have used a different email. Anyway, I finally got an email with the link to either click the cover to read online, or to click the link below to go to the download page. In clicking the link to go to the download page, I continually am taken back to the original page which I originally had to enter my email and country to enable the download link to be emailed to me. I cannot download Issue 6 anywhere on that page at all.

    Can you help please? I really prefer to download and read these that way. I’ve never had any problem in the past for any other issues. Is there a problem with this one or has something changed?

    Thank you for the help in advance

    • We were having slight malfunctions with the download, all is fixed and should work now.

  6. Margaret

    Not able to download the PDF. I never received the link that was supposed to be sent……

    • We were having slight malfunctions with the download, all is fixed and should work now.

  7. Linda Flaro

    Hi Carla:
    I am having a problem with being able to download the magazine. Could you kindly give me some help. It tells me that it will be sent email but get nothing. Thank you for your help.

    • We were having slight malfunctions with the download, all is fixed and should work now.

  8. Linda Flaro

    For some reason it will not download for me. It tells me that I will be e-mailed a code in order to download it but am not receiving any email.

    • We were having slight malfunctions with the download, all is fixed and should work now.

  9. Beverley Johnson

    Love the richness of quilting. I used to quilt with my mom and Grandmother. I am getting back into it:)

    • Thank you for sharing Beverley, I think that quilting with moms and grandmothers gives us an extra layer of pleasure, for when they’re gone, we never really quilt alone. Coincidentally, I started quilting with mom, a long time sewer, a couple of weeks ago, and I’ll be posting our progress, although slow, on QUILTsocial on Sundays, stay tuned. Happy quilting.

  10. JulieJC

    I especially love Northcott nature scene panels and the flexibility they offer.

  11. Burtine Kendall

    Just took a short look but think there are a couple of fun things in this magazine. Thank you.

  12. Susan

    Thank you for the magazine. I was able to download the PDF this time. It is so much easier for me than trying to read it online.

  13. arlee

    well, the “free” PDF sign up does not work–never got any link to click on in a return email………………

    • We were having slight malfunctions with the download, all is fixed and should work now.

  14. Cecilia

    Thank you, this magazine looks interesting.

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