Fusible Applique: Trace, Cut, Press

Fusible Applique: Trace, Cut, Press!

It’s a pleasure to join the team here at QUILTsocial! My name is Kathy Wylie and I’ve been quilting for 20 years, sewing for another 20 before that, and blogging for the past five. I am an author, pattern designer, certified quilt judge, speaker and teacher specializing in applique and machine quilting techniques. What better way to get started than with a step-by-step guide to fusible applique?

Fusible applique is arguably the quickest and easiest applique technique. If you can trace, cut and press, you can do it! Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

Fusible Applique Supplies

  • light-weight fusible web such as HeatnBond Lite
  • iron
  • scissors
  • pencil

Let’s use this daisy design as an example. Each petal and the center oval will be appliqued individually using a variety of different fabrics.

Daisy Design

Step 1 – Trace

Trace each shape onto the paper side of the fusible web, leaving a bit of space between each shape. Remember that images will be reversed with this applique method, so you might want to trace from the back side of the drawing. A light box or a sunny window is helpful for this step.

Trace each shape onto fusible web

If the shapes overlap – as these daisy petals do – add a little extra allowance to tuck under the adjacent shapes. This will prevent any unsightly gaps between the pieces if they don’t line up perfectly.

Add an allowance where shapes overlap

Step 2 – Cut

Cut apart the shapes on the fusible web, leaving a bit of space around the outside edges of the marked lines.

Cut apart the shapes on the fusible web

Tip ~ If you find the fusible web makes your applique feel stiff, try cutting out the inside of the shape about a quarter-inch from the traced line.

Cut out inside of shape to reduce stiffness

Position the fusible web shape, paper side up, on the wrong side of the applique fabric. Press, following the manufacturer’s instructions. For HeatnBond Lite, pre-heat a dry iron to silk setting and lightly glide it across the paper for 1 – 2 seconds.

Fuse web to the wrong side of applique fabric

Cut the shape from the fabric, following the marked lines on the fusible web.

Cut the shape from the fabric

Step 3 – Press

Remove the paper backing from the fusible web.

Remove the paper backing from the fusible web

Repeat these steps for all the applique shapes in your design, then arrange them right side up on the background fabric. Press, following the manufacturer’s instructions. For HeatnBond Lite, iron for 3 – 5 seconds.

Fuse applique shapes to background fabric

And in three easy steps – trace, cut, press – the daisy design is a fusible-applique quilt block!

At this point, the edges of the applique are raw. Some people opt to leave them this way, but I don’t. I like to cover the raw edges with some type of stitching. Join us every day this week as we continue our step-by-step guide to fusible applique with four edge-finishing techniques.

Crazy Daisy Quilt Block

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Michele T February 9, 2016 - 6:39 am
Great tips that will come in very handy for the appliqué quilt that I'm presently in the planning stages of making!! Thanks!
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