Fusible web applique – preparation for success

Yesterday I listed all the supplies we’ll need to create a quilted spring banner. Are you all set? Let’s go!

Today, let’s prepare the applique pieces and apply them to the background fabric.

Prepared Applique piece

Step 2 Prepare the fabric and fusible web

For this project I used HeatnBond Feather Lite extra lightweight iron-on paper-backed adhesive.

I find it super easy to work with.

HeatnBond Feather Lite extra lightweight iron-on paper-backed adhesive

It’s a good idea to gently pre-wash and dry all fabrics to be used without fabric softeners. If using a cloths dryer be sure to remove fabric while still damp and iron dry to avoid set in wrinkles.

Pre-test adhesives on materials before starting the project. This HeatnBond product has a paper side and a shiny side.

Begin by drawing the applique shapes on the paper side of the HeatnBond.

For your flower, you’ll need five petals that are an oval shape of about 4″ x 6″. I used the base of a cute little tin basket as a template. You could use something similar or just freehand draw your petals.

Draw a circle with a diameter of about 3″. This will be the center of the flower. I traced around the top of a small jelly jar.

Next, draw a stem that’s about ½ wide x 12″ long. Don’t worry about being too perfect. Draw it with a bit of a curve and a little wider at the bottom than the top.

Last of all, draw some leaf shapes. I made two long ones shaped like an elongated S and two shorter ones. Have fun experimenting with different shapes.

Start by drawing the applique shapes on the paper side of the HeatnBond Feather Lite

Roughly cut out the applique shapes just outside the drawn lines.

Rough cut the fusible web applique shapes outside the drawn lines.

Making the appliqué pieces

Position the paper backed applique shapes on the wrong side of the applique fabric.

Make sure the adhesive (shiny) side faces down.

You don’t need to worry about the grainline of the fabric for applique. Simply position your applique pieces to make the best use of your fabric.

Preheat your iron to medium temperature.

Lay your press sheet over top of the applique shapes and fabric.

Fuse in place using a circular motion and firm pressure for 2 seconds.

Repeat until all pieces are bonded.

Note: Be careful that you don’t overheat the HeatnBond as this could damage the adhesive.

Applique shapes fused in place to wrong side of fabric and ready to cut out

Use your FABRIC FUN Fabric Markers to add some fun details to your petals and flower center.

Refer to last month’s post, Adding dimension to applique pieces using fabric markers, to help you with this.

With nice sharp applique scissors cut out the fused applique shapes on the drawn lines. Smooth cutting will make it easier to stitch the applique shapes.

Cut the fused applique shapes out on the drawn line.

Gently remove the paper backing from the applique pieces.

The wrong side of the fabric pieces should be completely covered with the shiny adhesive. This is what will adhere the pieces to the background fabric.

Applique pieces with paper backing removed

Apply the applique to the background

The piece of background fabric is approximately 45″ x 31″.

Cut the fabric on the lengthwise fold.

You now have 2 pieces that are approximately 22″ x 31″.

One piece is for the backing. Set this aside for now. The other is our applique background. We will trim this piece after the applique is complete.

Position the flower so that the stem starts about an inch up from the narrow (22″ wide) bottom edge of the background.

There will be 7″ or 8″ of background above the top of the flower to allow us room to add writing.

The whole flower will need to be left of center to allow us to add a word or words on the right side.

The petals on my flower are about 2½” from the left side and 6″ from the right.

Once happy with the placement of the flower and leaves cover with the press sheet and fuse in place.

Use the same circular motion and short 2 second fuse time as before.

Fuse the applique shapes in place on the background fabric

Wow, this is so much fun!

Join me tomorrow for Step 3, when we explore several tools to help us add a sentiment to our quilted banner.

This is part 2 of 5 in this series.
Go back to part 1: 5 easy steps to making a quilted spring banner

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