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Fussy cut no more! Using precut and prefused applique shapes


Today, we’re going to discover the wonderful concept of precut and prefused applique pieces using fabric from Northcott’s Urban Elementz collection that I featured in my blog posts this week, as well as in my blog posts in April.

Yesterday, we worked once again with our Landscape Table Runner; adding a fun border to finish the project. This is a project we made in April using adorable floral appliques to embellish the ends of our table runner.

But getting back to my April posts, I showed you the typical way to make our applique pieces, tracing the design shapes to the paper back side of the fusible adhesive, cutting out the paper shapes, leaving a little of the white paper outside of the lines. Then, fusing the shapes to the wrong side of the fabrics and lastly removing the paper backing and fusing the applique shapes.

With this special product, the applique shapes are all prepared for you. These applique pieces have been prefused and precut; all you have to do is fuse them to your project.

There are a wide variety of packages to chose from in Northcott’s Urban Elementz Applique series. Here’s a link so that you can see the assortment available.

I took a couple of packages to review so that I can share more details about this fun product with you.


Two packages of precut and prefused appliques; one featuring flowers and a bird, the other featuring flowers only from Northcott's Urban Elementz Applique collection.
Prefused applique packages


Prefused appliques allow us to have fun and be creative on the drop of a dime.
The applique shapes are created in the various fabrics within a collection, the beauty of it is that the fusible adhesive is already on the applique pieces, and each of the applique pieces already precut. All you have to do is lay them on your project, and with a hot iron, fuse in place.

I opened one of the packages and laid out the pieces to show you how easy it is to play with these. It took me just a couple of minutes to arrange the pieces as per the photo on the packet. This is going to be a fun project.


Applique shapes from one package, that includes three flowers on stems and one bird, are laid out as per the design idea on the package. Northcott Urban Elementz Applique.
Applique shapes from one package are laid out as per the design idea on the package


I want to take some time to review these prefused applique sets to give you an idea of what you get, and what you can do with them. The applique pieces shown above are from the Daisy Dotz – Small package. All of the applique pieces are prefused and ready to apply to your project. Just peel off the paper backing, place on your project, and press with a hot iron.

Each package of appliques comes with a project idea for the pieces. Daisy Dotz – Small has a pattern for a 12″ x 12″ finished project that would make the most adorable cushion. Of course, once the cushion has been appliqued, adding a border to the cushion from one of the coordinating fabrics is going to give it even more pizzazz as we mentioned in yesterday’s blog about the magic of easy borders.

An important note is that the appliques don’t necessarily have to be used on cotton fabric. You can create a fun project using canvas, burlap, or even wood!


A close up of some of the applique pieces, including a partial flower, a flower with stem, and a bird. Northcott Urban Elementz Applique.
Close up of some of the applique pieces


When you use the applique pieces, once you have positioned the pieces on your project correctly, you must permanently fuse the appliques in place. It’s suggested that you use a pressing cloth to press the shapes in place. I like to use the cotton/hot setting and I always use steam for my appliques. The steam really helps set the adhesive on the back of the applique pieces.

After you fuse your applique pieces, you must let your project cool before handling. If you find that the applique pieces didn’t adhere correctly, simply press again. Sometimes, I find that turning the project over and pressing from the back side also helps to set the adhesive, especially if some of the applique pieces have been layered.

To finish off the appliques, I suggest machine stitching around each of the pieces with a blanket stitch.


Two packages of precut and prefused appliques; one featuring flowers and a bird, the other featuring flowers only from Northcott's Urban Elementz Applique collection.
Prefused applique packages


I’m thoroughly impressed with the packaging, the directions and the overall quality of the applique pieces. These Urban Elementz Applique shapes by Northcott are definitely on my buyer list for my own customers, and me of course.

Remember, although a pattern is included with each of the packages, you can create your own designs and projects. These would be great for placemats, mug rugs, cushion covers, table runners, and a wide range of other projects.

Be sure to come back and visit tomorrow, because we’re going to take some of these applique pieces and coordinating fabrics to make a fun project.

Happy Stitching!


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