Gütermann cotton and invisible nylon threads for piecing and applique

The last few days, I’ve discussed the materials needed and prepared the fabric for a really fresh Spring Blossoms for Mom lap quilt using HeatnBond Lite iron-on adhesive to make the tulip appliques. This quilt will be an awesome Mother’s Day gift this spring. I’m ahead of the curve and will have it made in advance. Today I get to sew with Gütermann cotton and nylon (invisible) thread. It’s sew time don’t you think?

Sew the background

  • Gather up the background strips and leave them in order from 1-5 as discussed yesterday.
  • Sew 7 strip sets in rows of 1-5 by width of fabric as shown.
  • The thread used to sew the strip set is Gütermann cotton 50wt thread.
  • Press all seams in the same direction.
TIP Try to save time and thread by chain stitching rows 1 and 2; then 3 and 4 together etc. – see strip sets and chain piecing below.

Gütermann cotton 50wt thread used for piecing and Gütermann invisible nylon thread used for appliques

Chain piecing rows 1 and 2; 3 and 4 together to save time and thread

Strip sets complete

  • Square up the strip set.
  • Cut 4 – 8½” squares from each strip set.
  • Make sure each square is squared to 8½” all the way around.

Note: You will get 28 blocks from all 7 strip sets and may (or may not) need to piece the last 2 – 8½” blocks to obtain 30 blocks total (this depends on the width of the fabric).  You will need 30 blocks total.

30 – 8½” blocks completed

  • Lay out the blocks as shown below or in a configuration that is pleasing.

Lay out blocks

  • Number the rows if needed with a sticky note or tape.
  • Sew row by row until there are 6 rows.
  • Sew all rows together to make the quilt top.
  • The quilt top should measure approximately 40″ x 48″

Background/canvas for tulip appliques and the Spring Blossoms for Mom lap quilt

Fuse and sew the appliques

  • Lay out the previously cut stems and tulips on the background.
  • The tulips below are laid out asymmetrically because it looks modern and fresh.
  • The tulips may be laid out randomly all over the quilt as well, depending on personal preferences.
  • Once satisfied with the placement, remove the paper backing from the back of the applique exposing the glue and press it down with a hot iron onto the quilt top. Count and press for a minimum of 10 seconds per area pressed. Use cotton setting.

Appliques, laid out and fused to quilt top

  • Use a nylon invisible thread such as Gütermann invisible nylon thread on the top of your machine and a  gray Gütermann Cotton 50wt thread in the bottom.
  • Set the zigzag stitch on your machine to 1.5 width and 1 length (this may vary based on individual machine settings but you want a small zigzag).
  • Use an open toe foot so the stitches are easily visible.
  • Zigzag all edges of the tulips and stems carefully, slowly so the stitching holds the applique down but is virtually invisible. A fantastic, invisible applique effect is achieved with Gütermann invisible nylon thread (also available in smoke).

Tiny invisible zigzag using Gütermann invisible nylon thread and a tiny stitch.

The back of the quilt top showing gray Gütermann thread and the tiny zigzag

Check back with me tomorrow when I discuss quilting ideas, a way to audition your quilting ideas and a great tip to help with basting the quilt top.

Happy Wednesday, you’re more than halfway there.

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