Gütermann Denim Love Nostalgia Box INSPIRES a creative denim quilt

In yesterday’s post, I showed you how to hide a hole and rip in denim fabric with a circle made with the help of a TrueCut 360° Circle Cutter and Gütermann Denim Love Nostalgia Box Denim Threads.

The Gütermann Denim Love Nostalgia Box and the TrueCut 360° Circle Cutter

Today, the plan is to complete the quilt top by adding pockets where needed and attaching the shirt and jeans to the denim backdrop.

As I was getting ready for today, I noticed there were a few spots where the fabric was very thin. I showed you how to cover holes yesterday, but today I got another idea, pockets! I took some back pockets off the upper part of the jeans and placed them where the fabric was extremely thin.
I selected a matching gold thread to sew the pocket in place.

Pocket placed over a hole or where the fabric is thin

While I was sewing pockets onto the quilt top, I also took the time to randomly select a label from three faux leather labels available in the Gütermann Denim Love Nostalgia Box to sew onto the quilt top. Why not make it more fun?

Faux leather labels

The first part of the quilt top is completed.

First part of the quilt top is completed.

I took a pair of child’s jeans and removed as much of the back as possible.

Remove as much of the back as possible.

Trim away the pockets and any other extra pieces of fabric.

Trim away excess fabric.

Because the hems on the jeans are thick, I cut them off.

Cut off the hems.

I then sewed all openings shut, including the pockets and the zipper flap.

Sew all openings shut.

Using my Oliso PRO TG1600 Pro Plus Smart Iron, I ironed the shirt flat.

Iron the shirt flat.

After ironing the shirt, I sewed the collar down, then removed the back of the shirt including the sleeves.

Remove the back of the shirt.

I carefully placed the jeans on the quilt top laying them as flat as possible. I then sewed them in place. I didn’t sew down the waist at this time. The waist is sewn down once the shirt is tucked in.

Note: As jeans are made to go on people of many shapes, there is no way to get them to lay 100% flat. Don’t be surprised if there are a couple of small bulges on the upper section of the jeans. Some of these will disappear with quilting.

Sew jeans into place.

I tucked the shirt into the jeans and laid it on the quilt top. Then I sewed the shirt down along all sides. Once the shirt was fully secured to the quilt top, I sewed down the waistband.

Sew down shirt and waistband.

The last step is to turn the quilt top over and cut out the denim covered by the jeans on the front of the quilt top.

I didn’t remove the denim from behind the shirt because to do so would leave that part of the quilt considerably thinner than the rest of the quilt.

Cut away the fabric from the back of the quilt top where the front of the jeans is sewn on.

The quilt top is finished. If you haven’t done it yet, add the labels which are included in the Gütermann Denim Love Nostalgia Box; someone will love the message.

A label adds love to the quilt.

Tomorrow’s post is dedicated to quilting. Join me.

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