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Happiness is a Hexie Quilt

by Jackie White

Have you discovered fabric hexagons, or hexies for short? Every quilter needs to know the happy giddy feeling of quilting with hexies! This post boasts of hexie happiness for any quilter. I’ll show you how you can use hexies in modern quilts or as quilted embellishments. Also a way to do a hexie in 15 seconds flat! No joke, that’s how fast I can do one using this simple, fast and modern method! Ah yes…happiness is a hexie quilt!

Fabric hexies for quilts.

Fabric hexies for quilts.

The traditional way to use hexies was to create hundreds of them and stitch them together into a pattern usually done by color. A tiny blind stitch was done to join each hexagon to its mate.

With modern quilting and different trends, hexagons can still be found in this beautiful traditional manner but are also popping up in new and unique ways.

First off would be the way they are created. While still most use the paper method in which a larger hexagon is glued or thread basted to a smaller paper shaped hexagon, there’s a simple and very fast method of making them.

I created a 2 minute video with my 10 year old son as the camera man to show you how. Now watch carefully, we even got photobombed by cows!

Hexagon (Hexie) Tutorial

Tutorial on how to make fast and easy hexagons (hexies) from circles.

Fabric hexies ready to use.

Fabric hexies ready to use.

One of the great perks with hexies is you can take them anywhere and work on them whenever you have a moment. I pack my circles and needle and thread in a pencil case and tuck it in my purse. To date, I have made them at the hairdresser’s, garage, sports games, dentist office, and even the emergency room. Literally, they go where you go!

Now what can you do with them if you don’t want to quilt a big hexagon quilt?!

Well, there are so many possibilities. Many quilters are putting the hexies on backgrounds and stitching them to that rather than to each other and forming unique shapes and collages with them.

With the modern movement so strong, simple solid hexagons on a white background make a fun wall hanging.

Create fun modern wall hangings with hexies.

Create fun modern wall hangings with hexies.

For small projects with hexies, try making some fun mug rugs or quilted coasters!

Mug rug made using fabric hexagons.

Mug rug made using fabric hexagons.

Happiness is a hexie quilt! I encourage you to give hexies a try! Once you start, you won’t be able to stop and I’ll recognize a hexie lover when I see you at the doctor’s office stitching up your hexies! Join me tomorrow for a tutorial on how to embellish a quilt with ‘yo-yos’.



Melissa Marginet November 16, 2016 - 12:58 pm

Love hexies. I’ve recently made a small quilt with hexies in the same fashion as the mug rug but I left them raw edge. Turned out great. Want to use this technique with the grandkids.

Patty Ryker October 8, 2016 - 4:11 pm

This is a wonderful thing. lol How cool it will be to sit and make hexie’s without all the little papers that need to be removed. Having arthritic hands has prevented me from trying hexagons, now I will be able to. And teh grand daughters will have a ball helping. Thank you so much for the simplicity, for your little video and even the cow bomb. 😉 So Neat!!!

Patrizia Greco September 6, 2016 - 7:08 am

Thank you for this great video tutorial!


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