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Happiness is Tilda so close to home!

Are you in love with Tilda? Tilda Fabrics that is, which equals happiness, and happiness is indeed close to home at least it’s on this side of the ocean! So we could say that happiness arrived at the The Quilt Store/Evelyn’s, and they take orders over the phone and online!!!!! Read all about it and place your order with The Quilt Store!

Heaven is Handmaid: Happiness is Tilda so close to home

Heaven is Handmaid: Happiness is Tilda so close to home

Lovely Tilda stuff near my house! It has been a while since I did a blog post for Heaven is Handmaid. That’s because I have been caught up in doing a lot of work for QUILTsocial. And, working part-time in the evenings four days a week. Amazingly, it has taken me a good deal of time to learn to do the whole work/life balancing act again. I am pacing myself though. For almost 15 years, I didn’t have a lot to balance outside of home –  the inside the home balancing act was quite enough. …

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