Hexagon Placemats: creating your own fabrics using WonderFil Thread Packs

This week I’m going to be stitching with WonderFil Specialty Thread’s rayon thread packs. These little boxes of thread hold 10 spools of 40wt Splendor thread (with an occasional metallic thread, Spotlite thrown in). Each spool holds 164yd [150m] of thread.

These packs are available in a variety of sets. There are theme packs, harmony packs and seasons packs. I’ve got 5 packs that I’ll be sewing with this week and each day I’ll share a hint or two for using these threads as I sew a some placemats.

To show these threads off, I decided to stitch some placemats for my kitchen. These are roughly 12″ in width. There’s just the two of us at home and we try to eat most of our meals at our little kitchen table. These little placemats are perfect for our small table.

WonderFil rayon thread packs

Getting everything ready to stitch with WonderFil’s fall thread pack

I began with a layer of very low loft batting under the chosen fabric. I laid out the selection of threads to see which I liked best.

WonderFil’s rayon thread pack in the fall colorway

Stitch using a variety of thread colors and decorative stitches.

In the past I’ve stitched these place mats with strips of fabric. This time I’ve chosen to create a striped effect with thread for these placemats. I stitched rows of stitches using WonderFil’s fall thread pack. The yellow didn’t show too well, so I stitched a few rows of a heavier pattern to balance things out.

HINT Choose the right needles for the project

Schmetz universal and topstitch needles

I’m a bit of a needle snob. I’ll spend a bit more money for the needles I like. I have a preference for Schmetz brand needles. I especially like the topstitch needles. Topstitch needles have a larger eye and deeper groove for decorative threads. I can use a smaller needle which will make smaller holes in my fabric and still not have to worry about my thread shredding.

The top needle in the above image shows a size 80/12 universal needle and the bottom needle is a size 80/12 topstitch needle. You can easily see the larger eye and the deeper groove on the topstitch needle.

Trim the fabric into a strip and cut 60° triangles.

Once the line of stitches were complete, I pressed the strip well. I trimmed the fabric into a usable strip and then cut 60° angles. I arranged the strips, alternating the stitching arrangement as I went.

Arrange the triangles and sew into sets of 3.

I sewed the triangles into sets of 3 and pressed the seam allowances open.

Layer the block with backing and batting.

I sewed the sets of 3 together and pressed the seam allowances open. I then placed the blocks face down onto the backing and another piece of batting. Pin well.

Sew around the edges leaving a small opening for turning and trim.

Sew around the outside edge, leaving an opening for turning.

Placemats stitched with WonderFil’s fall rayon thread pack.

I turned the placemat right sides out and pressed. I stitched close to the edge so I don’t have to hand stitch any openings closed.

I make these placemats for quick and easy gifts. I can use as many threads and stitches as I like to get a great design. I find this kind of stitching almost meditative and often have a project or two on the go for the times I want to sit and sew, but am not sure what I want to stitch.

Join me tomorrow for another great placemat idea using another of WonderFil’s Splendor rayon thread pack.

This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

Go to part 2: In decorative stitching, the magic is in the rayon threads

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