How I searched mySewnet for the perfect rose applique design, easy

Yesterday we used our Mini Designs and Built-in machine fonts on the PFAFF creative icon 2 to create a beautiful quilt label.

I decided I need a new cushion and I’d love an appliqued design that I can embroider on the cushion front (or it could be the center block for a quilt).

Fabric, thread, embroidery bobbin and button for my applique cushion

Even though there are over 850 built-in designs on my creative icon 2, I couldn’t find the perfect applique design for my cushion front. I headed over to mySewnet Library where there are over 9000 designs to choose from and I was sure I’d find the perfect design there.

If you want to make the cushion along with me, you’ll need:

  • 22” x 22” main fabric for cushion front
  • 22” x 22” fusible fleece fused to the wrong side of the cushion front fabric
  • 13” x 22” main fabric for cushion back
  • 13” x 22” fusible interfacing for cushion back. Note: If your main fabric is dark (i.e. black) use a black interfacing.
  • 15” x 22” main fabric for cushion back
  • 15” x 22” fusible interfacing for cushion back. Note: If your main fabric is dark (i.e. black) use a black interfacing
  • 15” x 15” contrasting fabric for applique
  • 15” x 15” fusible interfacing fused to the wrong side of applique fabric. Note: If your main fabric is dark (i.e., black) use black interfacing behind your applique fabric unless your applique fabric is very light colored such as white or cream).
  • 5 – ¾” buttons
  • Robison Anton 40wt Rayon embroidery thread to blend with applique fabric
  • bobbin wound with embroidery bobbin thread
  • sewing thread to match cushion fabric and bobbin wound with sewing thread

Let’s go find the design for my cushion!

How mySewnet Library works

mySewnet Library works in two ways. If you have a monthly or yearly subscription (see your dealer for yearly subscription) and a mySewnet wi-fi-enabled machine you can access and use any of the designs in the mySewnet Library.

mySewnet website

I can either go to and access the Library designs there or I can access them directly from the screen of my creative icon 2.

Just below the Load Design Menu icon, you see another Load Design Menu icon with an “internet” symbol on it. That is our direct access to all the designs in mySewnet Library. An active mySewnet Library subscription is required to access the mySewnet Library.

mySewnet Library accessed directly from Pfaff creative icon 2. An active mySewnet Library Subscription is required to access the mySewnet Library.

Now, what if you don’t have a mySewnet wi-fi enabled sewing machine and, therefore, a subscription isn’t going to benefit you? But you, really, really like the designs that are in the mySewnet Library. (and there are lots of designs to love!). Or you wish you could purchase a design or design collection. You’ll be happy to know that designs can be purchased directly from the mySewnet Library; there are also lots of free designs available. You can purchase individual designs as well as collections and they are available in a variety of machine formats.

You’ll want to set up your mySewnet account and Cloud as this is where purchased designs will be stored. Once stored there, you can download them to your computer.

Finding Designs in mySewnet Library

It’s easy to find designs in the mySewnet Library. and they are always adding new designs to the Library so you’ll want to check them out weekly! You can view the latest designs under What’s New; view all designs; view by category, collection or search for designs.

Latest designs on mySewnet Library.

On the What’s New page in the Library you’ll find new designs, popular categories as well as Recent News that gives you tons of projects to choose from. I love the “In the Hoop” projects that are available.

mySewnet Library Projects are found under See What’s New, Recent News. Love the In The Hoop projects.

I love that I can search for a design, look through specific categories and even check out specific techniques for a design.

Say your embroidery machine is limited to the size it can embroider or you have a specific size quilt block you wish to embroider on – you can also search for designs that only fit within that embroidery area.

If I set the size to between 150mm to 180mm high and 100 mm to 150 mm wide I see that 367 designs fit in this size range. This saves me a ton of time searching through all the designs to find the one that will work for me.

Designs searched by size.

I can also search for design names – such as Sesame Street. When I put Sesame Street into the search area I get the entire collection of Sesame Street designs to choose from. Hint: do a search for Cruella and you will find a whole collection of designs based on Cruella Deville (and at the time of this blog they are free!)

Search results for Sesame Street – 284 designs.

There is a whole category with just quilting designs – 636 designs ready for my next quilt project.

Quilting search produces 636 quilting designs in mySewnet Library.

Searching for 360 x 350 turnable hoop designs

I have decided I want to find a large embroidery design that will work with the PFAFF creative 360 x 350 mm Grand Dream hoop. I also wanted to work with a free design so everyone can have access to it and one that will work well for both a cushion top and the center of a large quilt block.

Since I knew I wanted a design for the Pfaff creative grand dream hoop I went directly to the 360 x 350 Embroidery Designs category to find the design that fit my project idea.

mySewnet Library 360 x 350 Embroidery Designs Category

I was looking for a free design and, after scrolling through a few pages of designs, I found the perfect one. A Rose Applique that is for the 360 x 350 grand dream hoop and it’s free. This design will look perfect on my cushion and it would also be a fantastic design for a large center block.

Rose Applique design in the 360 x 350 Embroidery Design Category of mySewnet Library.

When I click on the image I’m taken to a new page where I can see the size of the design, the stitch count and how I am going to access the design.

Rose Applique information on mySewnet Library.

If you have a mySewnet wi-fi enabled embroidery machine you can send it directly to your machine. Since I have a creative icon 2, I will use this option. I also want to own this design so I will click on Add to Cart and then go to my cart.

I have the choice of machine format I want to use. I can even save the format for future purchases. Follow the instructions to finish your purchase. When you are finished and you click the dropdown menu under Library you will see My Purchases. This is where you will find all the design purchases you have made.

Shopping cart with the Free Rose Applique design in the order.

Your purchased designs will be automatically saved to your mySewnet cloud account under Library Purchases. Once the design is saved in the mySewnet Cloud you can easily download it to your computer. You’ll also get an email with an invoice for your design purchase.

mySewnet Cloud Library Purchased Designs folder.

Since my creative icon 2 is a mySewnet wi-fi enabled machine, all I have to do to start embroidering this design is click on “Send to mySewnet enabled device”. I need to make sure my creative icon 2 is turned on and ready to accept the design. Since I know I’ll be using the grand dream hoop I’ve changed the hoop on my machine to the 360 x 350 grand dream hoop.

When I click on Send to mySewnet enabled device a message comes up on my creative icon 2 asking if I want to allow my machine to connect and accept the design.

Message on Pfaff creative icon 2 asking to allow mySewnet Library to send designs to my machine.

Click on OK and the design shows up on the screen of my creative icon 2 ready for embroidering!

Rose Applique design sent directly from mySewnet Library to my Pfaff creative icon 2

Today we looked at the many (over 9000) designs in mySewnet Library and how easy it is to search and find the perfect design for your project.

Join me as we embroider our design in the 360 x 350 Pfaff Grand Dream hoop. I’m off to get my fabric prepared so we’ll be ready for tomorrow!

See you then!

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