How the creative icon does half the work for you when adding a zipper

I’m back for the last post of the week, have you tried the mitered corner technique I showed you yesterday? Easy, right?

One of the last things to do when making cushions is attaching the zipper, here are two simple ways to add zippers to your cushions. All week long, I shared tutorials to make attractive cushions to gift for the Holidays.

These tips make the cushions look professionally made but really, they were effortlessly handmade. And adding zippers is no exception with the PFAFF creative icon. Thanks to its big screen and tutorial section!

Adding zippers is easy with the PFAFF creative icon

Honestly, I had always avoided making a project that involved adding a zipper. But with all the things I thought were difficult to make, I easily learned to make thanks to the PFAFF creative icon, I thought that I should give it a try.

I will show you my original technique that’s kind of easy and does the job and I will show you the new technique I’ve learned using the PFAFF creative icon.

1. The original technique

Here are the steps using the zipper foot (NOT the ¼” ):

A – Mark where your zipper needs to be on the fabric.

Pin the zipper to your project.

B – Pin the zipper to the edge of your fabric, right sides together.

Using the zipper foot, stitch the zipper into place.

C – With the zipper foot and needle positioned correctly, stitch your zipper into place.

Press and pin other side.

D – Press the seam.

E – Pin the other side of the zipper to the other edge of your fabric, right sides together.

Zipper stitched on project using the original technique

F – With the zipper foot and needle positioned correctly, stitch your zipper into place.

G – Press the seam


I must admit that it sounds easy when reading the technique, but there are many problems that come along the way. Like your needle breaking because you didn’t adjust the stitch to the zipper foot.

There’s also the problem with the zipper head moving. So watch out for those.

But all these problems are a distant memory now that I have seen the tutorial on how to make a centered zipper on the PFAFF creative icon.

2. The PFAFF creative icon technique

Creative icon screen to view tutorial

I clicked on the tutorial section on the main screen and chose the zipper section. There are several techniques so I opted for the “centered zipper” to start my quest.

The instructions popped up on the screen in easy to follow sections with videos! What more can a girl ask for?

How about this:

When clicking to view the video of the next step… the machine automatically sets the stitching point you will need to proceed!

Here are the steps, keep in mind that you’re using the regular foot and zipper foot NOT the ¼” :

Positioning the zipper on the fabric

A – You have to start by marking where you want your zipper to be! I chose an invisible zipper that is 14” long and my project is 16½”, which means that I had to center it.

Stitch options as shown on the tutorial screen

Regular and basting stitches on project

B – I sewed the two fabrics together like the instructions mentioned: Regular stitch at the beginning and end of the fabric and basting where my zipper teeth will be. By looking carefully on the top of the screen, I was able to see the 5 different stitch options for stitching the zipper, I simply had to press stitch 1 for basting stitch and stitch 2 for regular stitching.

C – I pressed open my seams and placed the zipper into place, aligning with the basted section, no pins required.

Basting the zipper to the project

D – Clicking on the 3rd stitch on the top of my screen, I secured the zipper onto the section. The machine did all the calculation as to how wide the basting had to be to accommodate my zipper!

I simply had to press on the pedal, the basting would be stitched into place and I would move down about 1″ and press again for another basting. And no pinning was necessary as I would simply place the zipper centering the teeth with the junction on the fabrics, holding it in position as the basting was done.

Stitching the zipper

E – Switching to the zipper foot and flipping the fabric to have the right side facing me, I stitched alongside the zipper.

Here again, you can simply press the correct stitch to have the needle placed on the correct side for the zipper foot. You will, however, have to change the direction of the zipper foot when stitching on the other side.

The only time you will gladly use the seam ripper!

F- This is about the only time I’m happy to pull out the seam ripper! You have to remove both basting stitches made to secure the zipper and fabric

It’s really fast and easy… and you’ll smile as you will see the zipper appear neatly in place!

You’ll smile as you see the zipper appear neatly in place!

That’s IT!  Done! I’m loving it.

I love FAIRFIELD Crafter’s Choice® Pillow Form it’s soft, supportive and economically priced.

Adding a zigzag stitch to secure the seams

Once the zipper was installed, I finished sewing the cushions and added a zigzag stitch just because it was so easy to do with the creative icon.

All that was left to do was to insert a FAIRFIELD Crafter’s Choice® Pillow Form -16″ x 16″. I love these as their quality cushion forms that are soft, offer support and are economically priced.

I’m hoping you like my 2 simple ways to add a zipper using the PFAFF creative icon and that it will help you get started on great holiday gifts. Please do let us know in the comments section below what you made for the holiday season!

Finished cushions ready to be gifted

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