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How to turn fabrics into game pieces with HEATNBOND Lite

How to turn fabrics into game pieces with HEATNBOND Lite

by Jackie White

Yesterday on QUILTsocial we worked on sewing a cute quilted travel game with Northcott’s Urban Elementz fabrics. Today we’re going to finish it up so it’s ready for your next road trip!

Instead of making the X’s and O’s that a traditional game would have, we’re going to make hearts and circles. Five of each shape is required for the game. I just love Northcott’s Urban Elementz collection with all those colorful polka dots!

Five heart shapes and five circle shapes made out of Northcott's Urban Elementz fabrics.

Hearts and circles for the quilted travel game.

First decide which fabric you’re going to use for the hearts and which fabric you’re going to use for the circles. I chose the blue for the hearts and the pink for the circles.

Using your HEATNBOND Feather Lite Iron-On Adhesive, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to iron the product onto the back of each of the fabrics.

Using the TRUECUT 360 Circle Cutter for the circle shapes, I set the cutter at 4″ and cut out 10 circles from the pink fabric.

Circles cut out of the pink Urban Elementz fabric using a circle cutter.

Cut out 10 circles from Northcott’s sweet pink polka dot fabric using the TRUECUT 360 Circle Cutter.

Iron two of the circles together with right sides out. Repeat with the remaining circles to get five pink circle sandwiches. Stitch around the outer edge about ⅛” in to secure from fraying. This is a great time to use those decorative stitches on your sewing machine.

Once done, you can leave as is, or cut a hole in the middle to have it look like the letter ‘O’.  Instead of the hole, I chose to add some buttons.

The Urban Elementz pink fabric circles are fused together so their right sides are out and a button stitched in the middle of each circle.

Fuse circles together and add a fun button.

To make the hearts, simply draw a heart out a similar size to your ‘O’ shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but if you are uncomfortable with that, simply go online for a heart coloring page and use that as your template.

You’re going to cut out 10 heart shapes from the fabric. Proceed to iron 5 sets together as you did with the ‘O’ shapes, and stitch around the outer edge as well. I sewed on 5 heart buttons to the middle to make them extra cute!

Five fabric heart shapes are made with Northcott's Urban Elementz fabrics and a heart button is sewn to the middle of each shape.

Five heart shapes are made from Northcott’s fun blue polka dot fabric

Quilted travel game with movable fabric pieces was made using Northcott's Urban Elementz fabric collection.

Finished quilted travel game using Northcott’s Urban Elementz fabric collection.

Your new quilted travel game is ready to play! Make sure that you pack it for your next family road trip! Tomorrow we’re going to continue making more Valentine’s Day themed projects using Northcott’s Urban Elementz fabrics.

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