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Husqvarna Viking Tribute 150C and the Circular Attachment

by Elaine Theriault

Hello everyone, and welcome back!

For the next five days, I’m creating a project using the Husqvarna Viking Tribute 150C. It’ll be a jam-packed week as we explore piping, buttonholes, invisible zippers, decorative stitches, and the circular attachment.

A green and white sewing machine; Husqvarna Viking Tribute 150C

Husqvarna Viking Tribute 150C

Check out the features and benefits of this 150th Anniversary sewing machine. It packs a punch! I’ve already spent a week with the Tribute 150C and used it instead of my larger sewing machine, and it performed beautifully!

It’s a great sewing machine, and if you know someone in the market for a new one, you might want to suggest the Tribute 150C. Suppose you’re a new sewist who needs a sewing machine. Should you go inexpensive with no support, or spend more and get support from a dealer, better quality and selection of presser feet, and more functionality?

I’d recommend looking at the Tribute 150C, as it’ll take a new sewist a long time to outgrow this sewing machine. I’d encourage everyone to spend more than planned — you will not regret it!

This week’s project is to make three cushion covers using the Circular Attachment to decorate the covers. There are instructions in the box to explain how to use the circular attachment and the templates. There’s also a CD with more information and inspiration. And you’ll find more information on the Husqvarna Viking website.

A red leaflet, three plastic templates with red lines, and a metal attachment for a sewing machine; Husqvarna Viking Circular Attachment

The Circular Attachment and three templates

There’s also a new set of templates for the Circular Attachment; we’ll look at those later this week.

A red package with a picture of a sewing machine and decorative stitching; Husqvarna Viking Circular Attachment

Circular Attachment Templates

I used a number of the presser feet from the bonus included with the Tribute 150C, but I did not use the invisible zipper foot. So, guess what? I’m using invisible zippers for these three cushion covers.

A red and gray box with four metal presser feet and one plastic presser foot for the sewing machine; Husqvarna Viking Bonus Presser Feet

Bonus presser feet for the Tribute 150C

Invisible zippers don’t come in a wide variety of lengths, so the ones I gathered are 22″ long, and I’ll be trimming them down to fit my cushion forms.

Three black invisible zippers

Invisible zippers

I pulled some fabric from my stash. I’m sure as I make the covers, I’ll decide to add or subtract from this selection, but it’s my starting point. Since I’ll be using decorative stitches, I don’t want my prints to be too busy, or the decorative stitching won’t show. I’ll need some accent fabrics, and the prints are perfect for those spots.

Red and black fabrics

A selection of fabrics for the cushion covers

The fabrics are cotton, except for the black in the center of the last photo, which is lightweight linen. It’s the base for two of my covers, and the weave is rather loose, so I’ll add some lightweight fusible interfacing to provide stability.

I’ll also need a stabilizer on the back of the applique shapes. I’m using a fusible no-show mesh, which will stay in the project and provide additional stability.

A pink and cream label on a roll of the stabilizer; Inspira Fusible No Show Mesh

Fusible No Show Mesh stabilizer

I’ve selected three Gütermann topstitching threads for my decorative stitches. These are thicker threads, so whatever decorative stitches I choose will show up better. I’ll have to be careful choosing my stitches, as the top stitch thread will be too dense for some of the stitches.

One spool each of red, white, and black thread; Gütermann topstitching threads

Top stitch thread

And the last thing I pulled was the Multi-line decorative foot. I may or may not need this, but it’s in my supply basket, just in case.

Plastic presser foot with red grid lines on both sides; Husqvarna Viking Multi-line Decorative Foot

Husqvarna Viking Multi-line Decorative Foot

FAIRFIELD Crafter’s Choice 16” cushion forms

I’m making three quilted cushion covers using 16″ cushion forms.

I’m sure I’ll need more supplies and tools along the way, like piecing thread, but I’ll touch on those when I get to them in the project.

It’s time to gather your tools and supplies and get ready for tomorrow when I show you how to insert the invisible zipper. It’s so easy when you have the right tools! And having that bonus set of presser feet means that the invisible zipper foot is ready for me to use!

I’m excited to get back to work on the Husqvarna Viking Tribute 150C. There’s always something new to learn. But best of all, it’s another opportunity to be creative and think outside the box. It’s going to be an exciting week!

Have a great day!


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