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In this fashion, piecing a drunkards path quilt is a breeze!

by Robin Bogaert

The last 2 days, I’ve been discussing fabric selection with Jungle Rose Cool fabric from Banyan Batiks and the supplies needed along with cutting instructions for the gorgeous Fireside Modern Drunkards Path lap quilt shown below.

Today, I’ll discuss how to applique the arcs and get moving on the piecing process.

Yes! You can make this just in time for Christmas, it’s so easy!

Fireside Modern Drunkards Path quilt design

1. Organize all the arcs and squares in groups of 2 with a light and a dark fabric in the order set up yesterday, i.e. black fabric with dark teal, light turquoise with olive, etc.

I love this stage of the process when I get to admire all the cutting and preparation efforts and this gorgeous Banyan Batiks Jungle Rose Cool fabric.

Jungle Rose Cool fabric prepared, cut and organized

2. Once all 5 sets of fabric squares and arcs are together, press the light arcs in the set to the dark squares in the set and the dark arc to the light squares. Press the arc adhesive side down from the HeatnBond Lite Iron-On Adhesive (paper should be removed) to the 6½” squares. Use a hot iron and no steam and match corners and sides as shown.

Ironing fusible side down of light arc to a dark square

As you can see there’s little to no fraying, ahhhh the beauty of batiks.

The stacks of fused arcs and squares should look like the ones shown and there should be 10 stacks of 7 blocks each. No sewing of arcs is needed at this point with this method. They will be appliquilted later.

10 stacks with 7 blocks each, showing the light with the dark and the dark with the light fabric arcs

3. The blocks are now ready for piecing. Using the layout shown above (or download the quilt layout here), pin the blocks together being careful to match circle curves, ½ circle curves and keeping arc straight edges flat.

This ½ circle section was pinned carefully to make sure arc matches at center top

4.  Pin and sew by row.

TIP Number each row with a wash out marker, row 1, row 2, row 3, etc. so you don’t lose track of the layout.

Row 1 completed with gorgeous fabric from Banyan Batiks Jungle Rose Cool

Row 1 and 2 sewn together with Banyan Batiks Jungle Rose Cool

5. It’s recommended to sew 2 rows together at a time and then in 2 units of 4 and one unit of 2 to complete 10 rows.

The completed quilt top, made beautiful with Banyan Batiks Jungle Rose Fabric

Come back tomorrow when I show you how to efficiently sandwich this quilt made with Banyan Batiks Jungle Rose Cool fabric and make it ready for appliquilting method. You’ll be sure to use this unique sandwiching method for all your future quilts on a domestic/ home sewing machine.

Happy Wednesday!

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JoAnne Dewhurst June 5, 2020 - 8:23 am

So much good information. Thank you.


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