Kaleidoscope quilt blocks | Freezer paper printing

In yesterday’s post, I discussed the supplies needed to paper piece the easy way. Today, I’m using SEW EASY Freezer Paper for Quilting & Applique as a pattern for the.

Freezer paper is critical for making paper piecing easy with this method. Freezer paper has a matte side for printing or drawing a design and a waxy, or sticky side when ironed, making it very versatile for adhering to fabric. You will understand more as we go through the steps this week. You can usually find it at your local quilt shop or sewing store.

Follow along this week as I show you how to use this method to make your piecing experience accurate with less work than traditional paper piecing.

Sew Easy Freezer Paper for Quilting & Applique comes in a 50sq foot [12.1m] package

How to print patterns onto freezer paper

  1. Download my free Kaleidoscope block patterns from yesterday’s post onto your computer.
  2. Once you save the designs on your computer, send them to your printer.

TIP If you don’t have a home printer you can save the patterns on a USB stick to take to a print shop for printing.

  1. Print out all 4 pages onto 8½” x 11” pieces of standard printer paper.
  2. If you don’t have a printer trace out Kaleidoscope Blocks 1 and 2 only (the first 2 pages you printed at a print shop) onto the matte side of freezer paper with a permanent fine marker. Freezer paper is quite see-through with a light source such as a bright window or lightbox.
  3. If you do have a home printer tape freezer paper very carefully with a thin, small piece of transparent tape in 4 corners matte side facing up onto an 8½” x 11” piece of standard printer paper.
  4. Lay the freezer paper matte side down onto the paper tray in your printer. You may need to experiment with this. Mine feeds matte side down to print. Print with black ink only.
  5. Print about 4 copies of Kaleidoscope Block Option 1 and 2 copies of Kaleidoscope Block Option 2. You can use the freezer paper over and over, which is fantastic. I was able to use my patterns 10+ times.
  6. If printed on a home printer, remove any tape, and remove the pattern from the paper. Cut out the freezer paper patterns on the lines with paper scissors with no seam allowance for block option 1 and a ¼” seam allowance for block option 2.
  7. To prepare the fabric for cutting using the paper pattern for Kaleidoscope Block options 1 and 2. Accurately cut out pieces 1-5 for Option 1 and cut out pieces 1-4 for Option 2. Set aside. These will act as templates for fabric to be cut out.

Kaleidoscope Block Option 1 pattern ready to cut

Kaleidoscope Block Option 2 pattern printed on freezer paper, ready to cut

Cutting out fabric templates with paper pattern for pre-cutting of fabric

Cutting out fabric templates with paper pattern block option 2 for pre-cutting of fabric

Our patterns are now ready! Tomorrow we will play with fabric and start the sewing process. This is exciting! We all like to sew and touch fabric. Tomorrow, I’ll show you how important Sew Easy Freezer Paper for Quilting and Applique is to this project along with some other tools and tips to make this method of paper piecing both accurate and easy.

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