Learning about Mirage and Deco-Bob WonderFil threads

The WonderFil threads have arrived

This week on QUILTsocial I’ll be blogging about more WonderFil threads – this time it’s Mirage and Deco-Bob!.My “mystery box” arrived last week, but I didn’t have a chance to check them out until today.

WonderFil threads have arrived

This time WonderFil sent four colours of the Mirage thread and one neutral coloured spool of Deco-Bob. It’s always so fun to get these little packages in the mail. Once I see the threads, my head starts to whirl thinking of possible projects to make with them.

Mirage and Deco-Bob threads from WonderFil

What does the website say about Mirage and Deco-Bob?

Mirage is a 30 wt multi-color rayon which is random dyed with unusual contrasting tones. It’s ideal for quilting, decorative stitches, embroidery and thread painting and comes in 40 different colors. The Deco-Bob thread is 80 wt cottonized polyester. The website says that Deco-Bob creates high definition for any quilt stitch. It’s great as a bobbin thread for machine embroidery, top & bottom thread for quilting, quilt construction, all purpose sewing including button holes, digitized lace designs, and excellent for hidden stitching.


Ideal for quilting, decorative stitches, embroidery and thread painting. Available in 40 colors in 874yd (800m) spools and 3000yd (2743m) cones.


Available in 36 colors in 2187yd (2000m) spools and 6500yd (6000m) cones. Use in: sewing machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines, sergers, handwork **DecoBob comes in Prewound Bobbins**

Couching – now there’s something I want to try!

The WonderFil website has a number of videos that show ways of using their threads. One of the videos caught my eye – check out these videos on couching with single or multiple threads:

Mirage – Couching with Single Strand – YouTube

How to couch with Mirage: 30 wt multicolored rayon Website: www.wonderfil.net Facebook: www.facebook.com/wonderfil Twitter: @wonderfilthread

Mirage – Couching with Multiple Strands – YouTube

How to couch with Mirage: 30 wt multicolored rayon Website: www.wonderfil.net Facebook: www.facebook.com/wonderfil Twitter: @wonderfilthread

Since I already have the Dazzle threads that I used in my blog posts back in July,  I decided that I’m going to give it a try. But, the question is: “do I have the right foot for my sewing machine????”

The mysteries of sewing machine feet

So, I found the book that came with my sewing machine and went through all of the feet that I have to see if any were made for couching threads. The only one I found was one that I bought second hand from a friend. In order to get it to fit on the machine I had to take apart the shaft of the machine – yes, I’m one of those people who unadvisedly take apart their sewing machine – and 45 minutes later discovered that those second hand feet do not fit my machine! So, I’m going to try using an open toe embroidery foot. Here’s a neat video showing how to use the Husqvarna Viking couching foot – what an awesome way to embellish!!

Husqvarna Viking Couching foot – Embellish with yarn – YouTube

Husqvarna Viking came out with this wonderful Couching foot . See for yourself. The yarn used is Spangled yarn by Inspira.

My plan for this week for using my new WonderFil threads

Well, now that I’ve found a foot to use, hopefully you have either, a couching foot or an open toe embroidery foot and want to work along with me. Tomorrow we try some stitch-outs using different combinations of threads and then for the rest of the week we’ll work on a project featuring embellishments with Mirage and Deco-Bob WonderFil threads. Stay tuned!

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