Machine quilting with a serpentine stitch

Yesterday on QUILTsocial I tested out some of the Character Decorative stitches on the Brother Dreamweaver XE. Today I’m starting to quilt the baby quilt using the dual feed foot on this great machine.

The Dreamweaver XE

When I’m machine quilting a small project on my home machine I always try to use my walking foot when possible. The Dreamweaver XE has an amazing dual feed foot that is even better than a regular old walking foot for machine quilting! The dual feed foot is plugged into the back of the machine after securing it to the presser foot holder.

The dual feed foot

Once the dual feed foot is plugged in, you’ll notice that some of the utility and decorative stitches are grayed out on the display screen. This feature shows which stitches can and can’t be used with the dual feed foot.

Greyed out stitches

You can see in the above picture that since the serpentine stitch is not grayed out, it’s available to use with the dual feed foot! That’s awesome, because I’d like to use that foot as much as I can for the machine quilting. Using a walking foot or dual feed foot prevents the three layers of the quilt from shifting while you are quilting!

Before using the serpentine stitch, I’ll quilt in-the-ditch between the blocks using the dual feed foot.

Quilting in the ditch

I”ve stitched all the vertical and horizontal seams between the blocks. Here’s a close up of the in-the-ditch quilting using the Dreamweaver XE from Brother. I don’t usually do a lot of in-the-ditch quilting because I find it hard to keep the stitching right along the seam, but this machine makes it easy!!

Close up of in-the-ditch quilting

Now that my three layers are secured together with the in-the-ditch quilting, I’ll use the dual feed foot to quilt diagonally through all of the nine-patch blocks. Here’s a little video showing the steps I followed:

Machine quilting a serpentine stitch with the Dreamweaver XE from Brother – YouTube

Christine Baker of Fairfield Road Designs explains the steps to machine quilting with a serpentine stitch on the Dreamweaver XE from Brother.

I’ll finish up quilting all of the diagonal lines through the nine patch blocks and tomorrow, I’ll use another decorative stitch to quilt through all of the snowball blocks. See you then!

This is part 3 of 5 in this series.
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