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Magical Moose Crossing quilted table runner, finished and on the table

Today is our last day with this marvelous moose! Hope you have had fun making your own or just following along as I created moose magic with Banyan Batiks Alilah.


Moose Crossing Table Runner with Banyan Batiks Alilah


To get started you will need your backing and binding fabric. I chose a red and white Banyan Batiks Alilah for the backing and hanging sleeve and one of the fabulous orange batiks for the binding.

I wanted the binding in this table runner not to stand out, because the Moose is the star of the show.


Banyan Batiks Alilah fabrics in coral colorway that I chose for my backing, hanging sleeve and binding


Cut your binding at 2½” wide by approximately 120″ long.

Follow this link for my instructions on adding binding from one of my previous QUILTsocial posts.


Binding ready to add to table runner


When you’re done with the binding, add a hanging sleeve to attach to the back of the quilt if you would like a perfect wallhanging for your cabin or cottage. If you decide to attach a hanging sleeve, cut a piece from the backing or binding fabric that measures 4″ x 36″.

Next, make a double fold at each end of the sleeve and stitch to finish the ends.

Then fold up the bottom edge of the hanging sleeve about ½”.

See this my previous post, A sleeve and the binding, and the May Flowers wallhanging is done!, if you want more details on making a hanging sleeve.


This pattern can be used as a table runner, a wallhanging or, with the addition of more blocks, a baby quilt!



I have enjoyed sharing this pattern with you! Many Marvelous Moose Moments may you share 🙂


Thank you for following along with this project.

If you love the design, it would be simple to add maple leaf blocks to make it into a larger wallhanging or even an adorable baby quilt! And don’t forget to check out other colorways you can use within Banyan Batiks Alilah, and the many other mesmerizing Banyan Batiks Collections that can make this table runner even more whimsical.

Please share your creations on social media and tag @quiltsocial@banyanbatiks and @iamgingerq if you are on Instagram! We would all love to see what you create.

Until next time…


The fiery coral colorway for Banyan Batiks Alilah collection



This is part 5 of 5 in this series.
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Tania has been a quilty creator for over 20 years. She loves to make quirky quilts ranging from a bowl of ramen to a Christmas turkey or a fruitcake. She has not yet found a subject that she wouldn't like to see rendered as a quilt. Her current focus is on food quilts and her work has been featured in magazines such as Cottage Life, Make Modern, Gastro Obscura and SBS (a food network in Australia). Her creative interests also include illustration, painting, and crocheting. There is nothing she likes better than to try something new. Tania believes curiosity in all things is key to a creative life.


  1. Sandy Allen

    Oh, that turned out so cute! Love the way the antlers turned out.

  2. Susan Ashcraft

    Great quilt

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