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Making a cubed cushion for poolside decor using Coats Outdoor Thread


Yesterday we covered important tips on how to work with Coats Outdoor Thread. Outdoor thread is thicker and heavier than all-purpose thread. It does require some adjustments to your sewing machine.

Today, we’re making the last of poolside cushion decor for the week, a cube designed by Karen Schaphors that is fun and easy to sew for your outdoor living space. It also makes a great floor cushion and room accent.

Select outdoor fabrics that are designed to resist sunlight fading and are stain resistant. Some have special antimicrobial properties and resist mold and mildew. Along with outdoor fabric, we recommend Coats & Clark Outdoor Living Thread. This thread is 100% multi-filament polyester and is designed to resist UV rays and moisture. It’s durable and long lasting, guaranteed to prolong the life of any outdoor sewing project.

The cube is a versatile decor accent for indoors and out. Use Coats Outdoor Thread if making it for your patio space.
The cube is a versatile decor accent for indoors and out. Use Coats Outdoor Thread if making it for your patio space.



200yd spool of Coats Outdoor Thread in bright orange to make cube cushion for your patio
200yd spool of Coats Outdoor Thread in bright orange


finished measurement 20″ cube


outdoor fabric two coordinating prints:
1¼ yd for sides
½ yd for top and bottom

Coats & Clark Outdoor Living Thread.
Poly-Fil® Bean Bag Filler (100% Polystyrene beads) two 2½ lbs bags
Polyester Fiber Fil stuffing

fabric scissors
point turner
sewing pins
hand sewing needle
sewing machine

Cut four 21” squares for the sides
Cut two 21” squares for top and bottom

Note: use ½ seam allowances throughout.

Assemble the cube
1. Beginning with the side sections, pin three sides together in a row. Stitch ½” from the beginning edge and stopping ½” from the end, making sure to backstitch. This will allow you to make neat corners.

TIP To make neat square corners, do not stitch all the way to the edge of the fabric. Be sure to start and stop stitching ½″ from all edges.

2. Pin top sections to the middle side sections, stitch to create a cross shape. Pin the remaining side section to the lower top section. Stitch.


Top and middle side sections stitched to create a cross shape.
Top and middle side sections stitched to create a cross shape.


Making the Cube

1. Fold the cross in half at the center square on the diagonal, right sides together. Pin.


Folding the cross in half at the center square to make the cube cushion corner, using Coats Outdoor Thread
Folding the cross in half at the center square to make the cube


2. Stitch sides ½” from the ends. Backstitch to secure.

3. Repeat for remaining side edges until you have a square/cube with an open top.

4. With right sides together, stitch from the corners out on the remaining section leaving a 6” opening for stuffing.

5. Turn cube to right side. Using a point turner, poke out the corners.

6. Insert pellets into cube. Be sure to cut a small opening in the pellet bag and creating a funnel at the cube opening, carefully and slowly pour pellets.

7. Add polyester fiber-fill to pellets. Pack the fiberfill with your hand. Shape the cube until it’s fully expanded. Stuff to desired firmness.

8. Turn in seam allowance of opening; hand- stitch closed.


Create a decorative running stitch at the upper edge of the cube. This simple single stitch is done by taking the needle in and then out of the fabric. Pin half along the top and sides at the seam line. Using a hand sewing needle and outdoor thread, use a running stitch ½” along the upper edges of the cube.

We had fun all week preparing for summer weather. It’s more pleasant to plan ahead, enjoy the adventure of sewing and creating for hot summer fun!


This is part 5 of 5 in this series.
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Annette Millard is passionate about sewing and has worked in the sewing industry for many, many years and is always happiest with needle, fabric and thread in her hands. She currently enjoys supporting the Coats & Clark community writing blog posts about products and projects for the Coats Sewing Secrets Blog.


  1. Jada Hughes

    So need to make a few of these!!!

  2. Angela Snyder

    This would make a great addition to my den. Giving visiting grandchildren places to sit.

  3. Ashley F

    So cute! These would also be awesome to make for a kids play room, I can imagine them getting stacked and climbed all over!

  4. Love this giant cube! Looks comfy!

  5. Quilty

    Love this big comfy cube!

  6. Delaine

    What a fantastic idea. I would also make a cube for in the house. Thanks!

  7. Peggy

    Cool idea! Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Angela Short

    What a cute pool, floor cushion. I love this! And the outdoor thread is cool too. Good luck everyone in the giveaway!!

  9. Connie DeRuyter

    cute idea for the back deck!

  10. Debbie E

    I am going to try this cube cushion – looks easier than I would have imagined.

  11. Quilting Tangent

    Cute box, I could see this used in allot of places.

  12. Brenda Skinner

    Think I might try this for my deck! It looks fun.

  13. Linda Webster

    What a great idea for the patio this summer.

  14. Kathy Meeres

    Love this cube idea!

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