Making a Date Night Clutch using Bosal In-R-Form

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday I finished off making the library tote. Today and over the next few days, I’ll discuss how to make a smaller clutch bag with the Bosal In-R-Form stabilizer. This compact Date Night Clutch bag looks like it has been purchased in a store all because the Bosal In-R-Form gives such polished, structured results.

I’ll also share how to make a zipper facing so that the zipper is embedded in the lining (looks oh so gorgeous) with a hidden pocket and how to make removable straps with D rings and swivel hook toggles. This time I’m using Bosal In-R-Form double sided fusible. I also made the Date Night Clutch as a bridal clutch, so this original pattern is totally transformable and versatile. Follow along over the next 3 days to see how awesome Bosal In-R-Form stabilizer truly is.

First I want to show you my bridal clutch version of this bag. My daughter had a bridal shower in September and I made this bag with the addition of custom hand sewn beading and lace. Bridal shops were asking in excess of $200+ for bridal bags and I knew Bosal In-R-Form would help me stay on track with my budget.

Bridal Clutch made from The Date Night clutch pattern with custom lace and beading. Bosal In-R-Form is wonderful!

Introducing The Date Night Clutch

The Date Night Clutch made the same as the bridal clutch.

The inside of The Date Night Clutch with a faced zipper pocket, magnetic snap, swivel hooked toggles, D ring removable straps, more room in it than you would think.


Supplies needed for The Date Night Clutch

Cutting Instructions

  • Cut one 9″W x 21″L from Bosal In-R-Form Double Sided Fusible Stabilizer
  • Cut one 8½”W x 20½”L woven interfacing
  • Cut one 2″W x 8½”L of woven fusible interfacing for zipper facing
  • Cut one 1″W x 25″L of woven fusible interfacing for bag strap
  • Cut two 4½”W x7″L of woven fusible interfacing for bag sides
  • Cut one 10″W x 21½”L of outer fabric for outside of bag
  • Cut one 10″W x 21½”L of lining fabric for lining of bag
  • Cut one 8″W x 11L of lining fabric for zipper pocket
  • Cut one 2″W x 8½”L of lining for zipper facing
  • Cut two 5″W x 7½”L for each of lining and outer fabric for bag sides
  • Cut two 4½”W x 7″L Bosal In-R-Form Double Sided Fusible Stabilizer for bag sides
  • Cut one 2″W x 4″L of lining for strap anchors
  • Cut one 2¼”W x 26″L of outer fabric for bag strap

Once all the cutting is complete the bag is ready to sew, let’s start with some of the smaller components.

How to make the strap anchors

Using the 2″W x 4″L piece of lining fabric, fold it in half and press along the length as shown.

First step in preparing the strap anchors, ironed in half.

Press the raw edges towards the pressed center fold as shown.

Raw edges pressed towards the center fold.

Press one folded edge towards the other and top stitch the anchor strap ⅛” in along each side.

One folded edge pressed towards the other

Top stitch the anchor fabric as shown.

Anchor strap top stitched.

 Cut the anchor strap in half and feed each piece through a UNIQUE SEWING ½” D Ring, fold fabric as shown, sew a line of sewing ⅛” from the the raw edges and set aside.

Anchor strap fed through UNIQUE SEWING ½” D ring and strap anchors stitched to hold.

Making straps for the clutch

Tuck in the short ends of the strap fabric (2¼”W x 26″L) ¼” to the wrong side of the fabric and iron, fuse the 1″ x 25″ piece of interfacing down the center. The method for making the straps is the same as the anchor straps- ironing, folding and top stitching. Please refer to the method above.

Straps for the Date Night Clutch

How to add the swivel hooks

The strap is fed through the bottom of the UNIQUE SEWING Swivel Hook and top stitched ⅛” from the end of  strap folded onto itself, much like the anchor straps and D rings.

Swivel hook is ready to top stitch.

The cutting, strap anchors and strap for the bag is now complete, what are straps without a bag? Visit back tomorrow when I show how to embark on the next steps of this clutch making process and I’ll show how easy it is to make a faced, neat and tidy looking zipper pocket.

Until then happy sewing!

This is part 3 of 5 in this series.
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