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Making A Table Runner With Pre-Cuts | Quilts By Jen

by Carla A. Canonico
Hey Everyone, welcome back to Free Form Friday and a bit of Stash Blasting Wednesday. Next week CreativFestival is upon us – it always seems to be so far away and then all of a sudden it sneaks up on me and is only a week away. The week prior to the show is always a whirlwind of activity, creating last minute presentation designs, folding and stuffing patterns and of course gathering up all the bits required for the booth. Right now I am in the thick of creating some last minute presentation designs. This year I am doing two presentations. One is called Using Up the Pre-Cuts & Scraps which is at 1:30 on Friday and 3:30 on Saturday. The second one is called Releasing the Rulers which is at 4:30 on Friday and 9:30 on Saturday. Those of you who are at the show please do drop by room 102 to check them out.


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