Making an eight-pointed star

Crazy Quilter on a Bike!: TUTORIAL – Making an eight-pointed star

This tutorial focuses specifically on the eight-pointed star. We will be dealing with Y seams. If you want more information on Y seams – there is another tutorial that deals with more Y seams. For this block, you need to have EIGHT diamonds (cut on the 45 degree), FOUR squares for the corners and FOUR triangles for the sides of the block. When cutting the triangle, it is important to have the STRAIGHT of GRAIN on the LONG side of the triangle. This prevents distortion on the edge of the block.   The easiest way is to take a square and cut it twice on the diagonal.   Follow the size directions for the block size you are making.  DO NOT make this bigger for fudge factors. It will be harder to deal with if you do.

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