Making multiple Half Square Triangles using the grid method

Welcome back!

I’m glad you’re here today to learn another way to make half square triangles (HSTs)! For those who are new to the term, HSTs is ‘quiltspeak’ for half square triangles!

Today, I’ll be using the following fabric selection from the Banyan Batiks Boho Beach collection to make more HST along with the Banyan Batiks White on White for the background.

2 wonderful fabrics from the Boho Beach yellow colorway collection

Yesterday I showed you one method for making HSTs by adding ⅞” to the finished size of your squares. To recap, if the desired finished size of your square is 2” x 2” then cut your fabric 2⅞” x 2⅞”, or 3” x 3” as I do!

Today’s HST-making technique will involve making a grid, adding diagonal lines, sewing and then cutting it all out! Let me show you what I mean.

The first thing you need to know is the finished size of your squares. Today, we need to make 4½” x 4½” unfinished squares.

TIP For this step, I prefer to start with fabric pieces that are smaller than a Fat Quarter. Fabric larger than that becomes hard to manipulate.

Let’s begin.

On the wrong side of the background fabric, we’ll draw a grid with a pencil.

TIP I like to draw my first line close to the edge of the fabric. Before drawing the 2nd line parallel to the first, we need to remember to add ⅞” to the desired finished square size. Therefore, the 2nd line will need to be drawn 4⅞” away from the first line, the 3rd line needs to be 4⅞” away from the 2nd line and so on.

Since the lines are difficult to see on the fabrics I’ll use graphics to explain the following steps.

1st step is to draw horizontal lines that are 4⅞” apart.

Since we’ll be cutting squares, we also need to draw vertical lines. This time, starting at the edge of the fabric, draw parallel lines at 4⅞” intervals as above.

2nd step is to draw vertical lines that are 4⅞” apart.

After all the vertical and horizontal lines are drawn, draw diagonal lines on our gridded fabric.

TIP I start by drawing my first diagonal line in one corner then I pivot my ruler when I get to the outer edge. I follow this process until there is a diagonal line going through each previously drawn square.

Note: The 1st diagram below shows the beginning of the diagonal line-drawing process. The 2nd diagram shows what the lines look like once they’re all drawn. (Depending on the size of fabric you’re using you may have more or fewer squares drawn.)

Starting from one corner draw diagonal, pivot as required.

After all lines are drawn, sew a seam ¼” on either side of each diagonal line. For photography reasons I works on this step on a small grid, I prefer to work with much larger grids.

Sew a seam ¼” on each side of the diagonal line.

After all your seams are sewn, it’s time to cut!

Using a rotary cutter, or scissors, cut along each drawn line.

Cut along every marked line.

Since you had 24 squares per color in your grid, you’ll end up with 96 HSTs, same as yesterday.

After you’ve finished cutting, make your way to the ironing board and press all HST seams towards the darker fabric.

There, another day, with much cutting, sewing and pressing, is done!

I hope you’re enjoying working with these fine fabrics from the Banyan Batiks Boho Beach collection as much as I am! They are inspiring!

Fabrics of the Boho Beach Yellow collection

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Gene Brann August 23, 2021 - 3:14 pm
Wonderful. What a time saver.& less tedious/ Thankyou.
Paul Leger August 27, 2021 - 11:01 am
it is my preferred method
Nicole June 5, 2019 - 7:24 am
Hi Paul, This is a great way to make lots of HSTs. Working with two large pieces of fabric do you have any suggestions for the fabrics to remain in place?
Paul Leger June 5, 2019 - 5:16 pm
Thanks Nicole. I simply pin, does the job well.
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