Making quilting bright with the PFAFF performance icon

Things sure are getting merry! But the flurry of gift making will soon be over, and then what? How will you reward yourself for all the mask making and finishes that have made you one busy elf? As things get checked off my list, I’ve started to notice how dark it is during my quilting time this time of year. The early darkness can make it challenging to feel like sitting down to quilt, but the PFAFF performance icon has some features that make it easier.

PFAFF performance icon

Adjustable LED lights

There are several features on the performance icon that can be adjusted in the machine settings menu. Now that it’s dark when I quilt after dinner, I can go into the settings and increase the brightness of the LED lights. Better lighting means I can spend more time at the machine with less eye strain.

Machine settings menu

Background Image

The ability to change the background image is one of the first settings I noticed when I unboxed the performance icon and looked at this menu, but then I got busy quilting! Now that I have some time, I decided to try out a few different colors.

Background image choices in machine settings

Does it make a difference to my quilting what color the screen is on the machine? Maybe! Taking the time to enjoy the machine has lifted my spirits. I’m feeling inspired again and might just play a bit more with changing the background image.

Bright sunny background image

I’ve just changed the background image, and since I’m already sitting down at my machine, I feel like making something new!

I like to make little projects for myself with the leftover scraps from bigger projects. It’s a fun challenge and this time I have a lot of 1½” strips. I’ve been thinking of making myself a long pincushion to lay in the bed of the performance icon. (And, you’ll notice I just may have changed the background image to match my fabric choices – because I can!)

Scrappy Strips pincushion

To join me in making the Scrappy Strips Pincushion project, you’ll need to find:

– some 1½” strips – the shortest 1½” and the longest 6½”

– a piece of backing material 4″ x 6″

– crushed walnut shells or batting leftovers

As you can see, the PFAFF performance icon is a great quilting companion for the winter months. Join me tomorrow to complete the pincushion project.

This is part 1 of 5 in this series

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