Making the Summertime Streetscape Wall Quilt | essential quilting tools

This week I’m using products that are designed especially for applique shapes as I make the Summertime Streetscape wall quilt. Products include UNIQUE quilting Clever Clips (small size), HeatnBond EZ-Print Feather Lite sheets 8½” x 11″, the UNIQUE quilting applique pressing sheet, and the Hemline Gold Multi-Use Craft Bag.

I’ll also use Mary Ellen’s Best Press in the Spray and Misting bottle and 2 different Oliso irons.

Supplies for this week’s project

Here’s a quick description of some of these products:

Oliso Pro 1600 Pro Plus Smart Iron

Simply touch the handle and the iron lowers, ready to work. Take your hand off and the patented scorch guards lift the iron off the board preventing scorches, burns, and tipping. It’s not only safer, but it also saves time as well as your wrists! Other classic features include 1800 watts of power and horizontal or vertical bursts of steam. The TG1600 Pro Plus features a 30-minute extended auto-shut off. Be sure to watch this video for even more information.

Oliso M2Pro Mini Project Iron with Solemate

The Oliso Mini Project iron is designed for sewing, quilting and crafting. It has the power of a full sized iron in a compact and lightweight design allowing it to fit next to your sewing machine or in your Hemline Gold Multi-Use Craft Bag with ease. This 1,000 watt iron heats up fast and the precision tip is perfect for tight spots and appliques. The fabric selector evenly distributes the ideal heat for synthetics, wool and cotton. The included Solemate lets the iron’s hot soleplate rest during ironing.

Large and small Oliso irons

Mary Ellen’s Best Press

Best Press makes ironing easier and fabrics look like new again. Plus, there’s no flaking, clogging, or white residue on dark fabrics! A special stain shield protects fabrics, and the product helps relax stubborn wrinkles. The Spray and Misting bottle  gives a consistent, non-drip spray of extra fine mist.

Mary Ellen’s Best Press and spray and misting bottle

UNIQUE quilting Clever Clips (small size)

These durable, spring-loaded clips hold fabrics securely, quickly and easily. They are a great alternative to pins when working with multiple layers of fabric as we’ll be doing this week. Clever Clips are quick and easy to remove and the semi-transparent color makes it easy to see through to the fabric.

Small size Clever Clips

HeatnBond EZ-Print Feather Lite sheets 8½” x 11″

These paper backed, iron-on, double-sided adhesive sheets can be used without adding extra weight or stiffness to your fabric. It’s also an alternative to pinning or basting applique shapes You can print directly or trace your applique shapes on the paper backing. Itʼs great for multi-layer pieces like the houses we’ll be making this week. There are 10 sheets in each package. Feather Lite also comes in a 17″ x 1yd sheet.

HeatnBond EZ-Print Feather Lite sheets 8½” x 11″

UNIQUE quilting applique pressing sheet

This brown reusable, double sided pressing sheet is perfect when using fusible web for applique shapes. Itʼs made from glass fiber and has a Teflon coating that withstands heat up to 280° C (530° F).

UNIQUE quilting applique pressing sheet

Hemline Gold Multi-Use Craft Bag

The Multi-Use Craft Bag (11″ x 14″ x 7″) is perfect for taking supplies to workshops, retreats and classes and it can also fit conveniently beside your sewing machine. It features a fold-down flap with a quilted ironing mat that’s perfect for working on small applique pieces like the ones we’ll be using this week. The bag has plenty of pockets, including a large internal pocket that easily holds an 8″ x 12″ cutting mat. It also features strong and durable handles that are long enough to fit comfortably over your shoulder.

Multi–Use Craft Bag

The inside of the Multi–Use Craft Bag


Print the pattern for the trees, shrubs and roof section and you’ll be ready to start constructing your houses. Be sure to print the pattern at actual size (100%).

Please join me again tomorrow on QUILTsocial as I use HeatnBond EZ-Print Feather Lite sheets 8½” x 11″, the Oliso M2Pro Mini Project Iron with Solemate, and the UNIQUE quilting applique pressing sheet to start preparing the fabric for the houses in our Summertime Streetscape wall quilt.

The Summertime Streetscape Wall Quilt project for this week!

This is part 1 of 5 in this series

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